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    ED WOOD DVD finally arrives

    Davis DVD has announced that the long-delayed DVD of Tim Burtonís ED WOOD will at last be released by Buena Vista Home Entertainment February 3. The jam-packed disc will include a new anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio; audio commentary by Burton, actor Martin Landau, screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karazewski, costume designer Colleen Atwood and cinematographer Stefan Czapsky; deleted scenes; a documentary; featurettes on the music, Rick Bakerís Oscar-winning makeup, the production design and real-life cross-dressers talking about Ed Wood; an original music video directed by Burton and choreographer Toni Basil; and the theatrical trailer. Retail price will be $29.99.
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    Here's a more indepth specs list, and note that it will be a 2-disc set. That the above specs list doesn't mention.
    After months of delays, Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced a new street date and full specs for the eagerly-awaited Ed Wood. This Tim Burton biopic and instant cult favorite will now be released on February 3rd, complete with a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround track, audio commentary with Burton, Oscar winner Martin Landau, screenwriters Scott Alexander & Larry Karazewski, costume designer Colleen Atwood, and cinematographer Stefan Czapsky, deleted scenes, the "Let's Shoot This F#*%@r!" documentary, additional "The Theremin," "Making Bela," "Pie Plates Over Hollywood" and "When Carol Met Larry" featurettes, an original music video and the original theatrical trailer. Retail for this two-disc set will be $29.95.
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    Here's the art from the case. Much better then the original art, that's for sure. I like the black and white look, with the pink angora sweater being the only splash of color on the case art. Looks good. May have to pick this one up.

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    Brilliant! Why such a long wait for this one anyway?

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    No clue. But it's been delayed again, according to The Digital Bits.
    Well, here's disappointing news. Buena Vista's Ed Wood: Special Edition (previously scheduled for release on 2/3) has been indefinitely delayed... again. We've been receiving a lot of e-mails from our retail sources over the last 12 hours, and we've just heard official word from the studio. We have no idea why this might be happening, or when the title might be re-slated for release, but you can be sure we'll update you with anything we hear.
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    At least, I suppose, this will make the next few weeks cheaper DVD-wise. With Alice in Wonderland, The Gods Must Be Crazy, The Critic, and GIJoe, I was wondering if I needed to sell my soul or something. But this isn't exactly how I wanted things to go down.
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    Maybe they wanted to wait and see how well Big Fish goes over before they release/promote another Burton disk.

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    I saw Big Fish and I liked it. Very cool movie. Not better than Return of the King but very cool anyways. I hope the Ed Wood delay is nothing major, that dvd case looks great!
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    Just read this at

    (LATE UPDATE - 2/3/04 - 12:30 PM PST)

    Okay... we've got another post coming later this afternoon. But in the interest of helping as many of you find copies of the Ed Wood: Special Edition as possible, without having to buy it on eBay for $100+ from would-be profiteers (which is just plain wrong), we wanted to update you on where readers are finding it. Supposedly, Borders and Blockbuster have put it up for sale, along with many Costco locations (and probably other warehouse retailers as well). We've had readers tell us that a few Best Buys locations have also made it available for sale. Some Fred Meyer store locations apparently have it available, and many of those who were smart enough to pre-order the disc on Amazon are being told via e-mail that their discs have shipped. The message is that the disc is out there, and you should act fast if you want it.

    Just FYI, Buena Vista has finally spoken on the record with Video Business, and claims that they're looking for a "better date to release the DVD". Given the amount of money the studio and retailers stand to lose by pulling the disc at the 11th hour, it stretches credibility to believe that's the only reason. We've now heard off the record from sources that the title was pulled over a rights issue regarding material that was included in the supplements. If that's true, it would mean that any future release will likely be altered in some way (some extras might be edited or dropped entirely from the disc). VB has also apparently heard a rumor that director Tim Burton wasn't happy with the extras. In any case, it seems likely that whatever the reason is, the disc will be released again in the future but not with the same bonus material. So use that information as you will.
    None of the Costcos by me had it.

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    Ditto on that.
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