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    sa post man

    hello agian,
    well found the latest wave at walsem target, had pleanty of bar2-d2's , r1's and lukes. good luck.
    so i see that some of you are visiting these posts,am i really helping anyone here in sa? i cannot visit every store here so is any checking others here in town, the lone sa post man.

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    That show in Austin was really cool. Saw stuff there I didn't even know existed! Got a few figs but didn't have much money. I did find the Leia/Speeder Bike at the old Target in Round Rock. Never even saw them in the Killeen store

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    found wave 2 animated at target forum,but for the most part they were gone, but they did have han brown coat and my favorite, boba fett pitt in plenty of supply.
    good luck

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    Ultra Cool

    Just Found Ultra Wave Jabba And Creatures At Walmart New Braunfels, Checking Around Sa Later Today.
    Good Luck

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    They have jabba and freinds at walmart on austin hwy, there a least 3 sets.
    i have a animated yoda that i'm willing to trade, looking for someone local,sa or san marcos area, em me if you are interested.

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    in NB found the target a-wing today on sale for $9.98, and they were fully stocked on all animated clone wars , had plenty of ventress and yoda.
    the other sw pegs were empty.
    good luck

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    the lone ranger

    well, finally found somthing "new" today, ultra jango and obiwan at target. tru got the new unleasehed ,and 'chewy' doesn't look quit right, i think he stubbed his toe or somthing like that. no new waves yet, figure pegs are empty.

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    they had the 'glasses' at target this weekend, this is the first item i've passed somthing up in a long time, 10 dollars is a bit much for a cup, i saved my money and went to the flea market and bought 2 burger king Glasses for 7 bucks and then got some nice EPI carded figures I needed.

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    Re: Central Texas/San Antonio

    Finally something new to report, TRU (airport) just got in yoda and boba fett unleashed they are great! left one of each there, they also had han.
    butt , still NO other figures at target or walmart, have not seen any Rappertunie or others here, there must be some early bird scalpers in SA.
    Have seen pleanty of target cups resting on the shelves...


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    red arc trooper and ephant mon

    Yea!, got my silver clone trooper at TRU today. Does any one know how many are issued?

    And a FYI i'm selling some of my figures on ebay this week, just some doubles i've been holding on to, but im selling a red arc trooper and a ephant mon with starting price at 4.99
    here are the item #s


    good luck


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