This section seems to be the most ignored of all on SSG. I cannot be the only one here who enjoys a good toy and comic show or indeed, a full blown convention.

Anyway, Wizard World is coming to Texas and it's going to be in JediCole's own back yard! So to speak. I for one will enjoy a mere 5 minute drive from my front door to the Arlington Convention Center to enjoy a full weekend of fun from November 21-23!

I am wondering if any of my fellow SSG members will be attending (other than DingoDad of course, who will be helping out Mrs. JediCole and I at our booth). Sound off here if you are going to WWT and of course, please stop by and say hello if you are. We always enjoy meeting folks like Jedi Boulton, Adam, and Short4AStormtrooper (to name a few we've met in person). Our booth will be fairly close to Artist's Alley with only one other booth next to us (not on one of the full rows of booths back to back), so we should be fairly easy to find there.

Plus I'll get to meet one of my personal influences, Kevin Smith! Jason Mewes will also be there (a.k.a. Jay and Silent Bob) along with Allison Mack (Smallville's Chloe), Guest of Honor George Perez, Jim Lee, Kurt Buiek, Peter Mayhew, Lou Ferigno, and many other comic artists and writers and other guests! If you can be in Arlington, Texas in a couple of weeks, you really ought to check this out!