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  • It was great. I plan to watch or tape them all now.

    153 54.84%
  • It's a cool show, but I'll wait to see them when there's a DVD with them all.

    42 15.05%
  • I like it enough that I'll see them when I download them all.

    13 4.66%
  • I've seen what it is and I'm either disappointed or not interested anymore.

    24 8.60%
  • I haven't seen it, and I'm not interested.

    8 2.87%
  • Darn! I missed it! Well, I'll tell you all when I've finally seen something of it.

    39 13.98%
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    I loved the short.Although my only complaint it was too short and Palpy sounded just slightly odd.The voice wasnt all that bad.My favorite part would have to be when Obi-Wan thinks back on Qui-Gon and how he couldnt have prepared the Jedi either.The Anakin and Padme scene was great as well
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    Yeah, this definitely seemed way too short. But all in all, it was very cool. What were those ships that looked like Imperial Shuttles? I hadn't seen those before. It was short and had a lot of great scenes. Can't wait till Monday
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    What the H E double hockeysticks was that. TOO SHORT. It was good, but the length was extremely disappointing. At least there were no commercials. I do not know why everyone is complaining about Palpy and 3po though. Palpy was fine, and I would not expect less from 3po.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Malakite
    What Guyute said, seemed too short. Didn't feel like 5 minutes. Other than that I liked it.
    That's because they are only THREE minutes long!
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    Those were like a modified version of cloak-shape fighters (Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels). These ships have been around for a long time in the SW universe, and the Republic must have used what they had. The repositioning ventral stabalizer fin is new to a cloak-shape, or I'd never noticed one before in comics. So I don't think that aspect of it was standard for these fighters.

    I hope HASBRO makes a cloak-shape clone fighter!

    SaeSee Tiin's Jedi Starfighter is red, but I also saw green and blue ships amongst the Jedi squadrons.

    You can see a snipit of Kit Fisto leading a charge underwater in one scene, but his episode is still forthcoming.

    I think I want Anakin's starfighter even more now.... (grrrrr. The most money I can save on SW toys is by not buying that latest Emperor figure...) And I'll probably buy a few Jedi Starfighters and make myself a squadron.... (Please help me resist!)

    Anyway, my favorite scene is when Anakin waves to Padme, as she watches him depart off to war.

    Great 'Toon!

    Can't wait for more - and darn straight - they tease you bad by not making it last longer!
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    oh man that was great i too loved the part when anakin and padme say good bye. but i have one question how did c-3po and r2 get from the platform all the way up to padme's apartment by the time anakin got up there? can they teleport now?
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    Darn! I missed it. It didn't air at midnight here in Eastern Time Zone either. I'll check again at 1AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthzirock
    That's because they are only THREE minutes long!
    The commercials on Cartoon Network say they are 5 minutes long.
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    Excellent, this first episode was. More, I wait to see.

    DCMc, you still trying to download that thing.

    I heard that it's almost impossible to download. There are so many people trying it get the short that it's causing a bottleneck.
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    most excellent. i'm eagerly awaiting more. the timeframe fits the editting and animation style. definitely will need the dvd to watch them back to back.

    when pictures first appeared of anakin's starfighter i thought it was awful, now that i've seen it in the cartoon it seems great. i can't wait to get it now.

    was great how they played up palpy's scheming and posturing to get his way. he's becoming much less subtle as he gains more power.

    the cartoon makes a great companion with what we see in the comics.


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