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    Other JEdi that are way cooler then these three

    In the AOTC there are alot of different and cool Jedis and I think that we should see more of them rather then worrying about creating a new one, my favorite in Pablo Jill, I think he is way cooler then the three mentioned. Again that is just my opionion so take it for what it is worth.

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    JJB, i hope they do use all three of them. I liked them and being an alien species Jedi is a plus.

    thomasandrea-call, first welcome to the forums! There were some cool Jedis that appeared in the arena, but its hard to say who all died and who lived in that battle aside from the main characters. I think eventually we will get most of them (at least i hope) in the regular line. I doubt the creation of these three Jedi exclusive to the cartoon will eat into a slot for a regular Star Wars figure to be produced.
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    The Talz would make for a great threatened group if they ever re-do the animated show in 2009...


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