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    Choose Your Jedi: a Hammerhead, Wolfman, or Talz (Muftak's species) - for the cartoon

    At you can vote for

    a hammerhead

    a wolfman


    a Talz (Muftak's species)

    to be the featured Jedi in one of next year's Clone Wars cartoons.

    This thread is to discuss the merits of each of our choices.

    I haven't made up my mind myself, just yet. Giving the Shistavanen Wolfman justice after he was cut out of ANH seems right to me. Plus he's fast and furious, and in cartoons, would remind me of Senior Coyote. He'll need a roadrunning Geonosian to chase around for an opponent! Beep-Beep! (heheheh)

    On the other hand, a Talz Jedi would be very powerful.

    Seeing an Ithorian just move, would also be fascinating.

    What do you guys think?
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    I'd say a wolfman. It would probably look the best. I think the others would be dumb looking.
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    Out of the three I'd prefer the Wolfman. He really gets no respect.. Yea he got a figure, but it wasn't all that great. There have been three Hammerhead figures and they've been featured throughout the prequels quite a bit. As for Talz, well it's really more like a white wookiee with four eyes and a mouth stalk. Plus Muftak is easily seen in the cantina for longer than the Wolfman's original part was.

    Plus can't ya just see a Wolfman running through hoards of droids, possibly even ripping them apart?

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    while a hammerhead jedi would be great. i'll have to go with the wolfman. maybe if enough support is generated for the species papa george will put him back in the cantina.

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    I gotta agree with you guys. The wolfman needs revenge for being disrespected by getting cut out of ANH. He would be cool to see in action.

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    Ithorians are almost all slow-moving and pacifists, right? As cool as it'd be to see what that would produce in a Jedi, the Wolfman figure kicks so much behind that it's almost cool enough to be a Jedi now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turambar
    I gotta agree with you guys. The wolfman needs revenge for being disrespected by getting cut out of ANH. He would be cool to see in action.
    I noticed from watching the definitive collection on Laserdisc I seen 2 wolfmen in the cantina. The one that we got a figure of (have to have Widescreen to see him) and one I don't remember being in the SE. He had like really fierce eyes.

    Quote Originally Posted by JarJarBinks
    Is it possible they decided to incorperate all three of them? Just noticed that they added the Wolfman, Talz, and Ithorian Jedi's to the Clone Wars Databank. The Wolfman looks pretty damn cool, and I hope they actually consider figures of all three of these guys. The Wolfman especially kicks arse. Be sure to click their pictures for a better shot of each.
    Those are really cool. I sure hope we see all three. The guys who wrote their profile did a very good job doing so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker
    There have been three Hammerhead figures and they've been featured throughout the prequels quite a bit.
    I didn't know either of those things.

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    I voted for Hammerhead, just to be different. Besides it looks like the wolf is taking the vote right now, with my canidate in a distant third. No love.
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    I voted for the Talz, I think it would be neat to see it animated. I knew the Wolfman was going to get the votes, but I couldn't see voting for Hammerhead. He scares me
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