I was recently cleaning up my room, and I have a TON of these cans. Other than my complete set, I have an additional set, a huge amount of extras. Of the extras I have about 30+ Jar Jar Storm cans. I also have extra Mountain Dew (Darth Maul), Pepsi (Anakin), and Storm (Jar-Jar) empty 12-pack cases. I would hate to just throw out (recycle ) all of the collectibles, but I'm not sure what esle to do. I doubt they will sell on eBay (only cans that seem to recieve bids are non-US, gold Yoda, or Destiny.) They aren't good trade bait. . . apparently everyone has them. So what do you think I should do with them? They are taking up space, so something must be done. If anyone has any ideas, or is interested in any of them, let me know. If I can't sell/trade them, I'd rather give them to someone who'd want them.