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    Anime fans? Recommendations

    Well, I'm a big anime/manga fan, but I'm always on the lookout for new awesome anime. I've been watching X slowly and slowly (for the lack of money reasons). They're so expensive to get uncut and subbed or decently dubbed.

    So, what are your favs?
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    Gundam is pretty much my fave...
    the ones I would recommend are (and some of these are available in the US, not sure which)
    0080 war in the pocket
    0083 stardust memory
    0093 char's counterattack
    0123 Gundam:Formula 91
    And of the series I would recommend MS gundam and MS Z Gundam (my fave of all the ones I've seen)
    Fist of the North Star is good....
    Golgo 13:The professional is great fun too.... Japanese James Bond who's power is he can shoot ANYONE

    I've seen lots of other stuff, just don't really like it, Gundam and DaiKaiju stuff forms the extent of my Japan Fixation (I like the history, too, just not in a collecting way)
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    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Love Hina
    Please Teacher
    Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
    You're Under Arrest
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    I've watched a few anime/manga shows I've found somewhat interesting, with the exception of the over reaction animation skits they do in some of them (never cared too much for that). These are the ones that I liked the best.

    Inu Yasha
    Cowboy Bebop
    Dragon Ball
    Dragon Ball Z
    Dragon Ball GT
    Ruroni Kenshin
    Reign the Conqueror
    Tenchi Muyo
    Tenchi in Tokyo
    Eska Flowney
    Digimon (Seasons 1 & 2 only)
    Transformers: Robots in Disguise
    Transformers Armadda

    Not certain if Transformers: Generation 1 (the one from the 80s) is anime, but if it is, I'd include that also.
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    I'm not an anime fan, but Robotech from the 80s was a great series. All three parts are available in separate box sets. Try or Suncoast.
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    La Blue Girl.


    I was big into Robotech for a while. My old roommate had all of 'em on vhs (1994-1995) and I managed to watch 'em all! Yes, all 3 generations or whatever. Anyway, after that I sort OD'd on anime and backed off for a while.
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    Bubblegum Crisis and Robotech are by far my favorites. I have the Robotech series on DVD but haven't gotten BC yet. Someday.....
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    How can you not mention ninja scroll or even ghost in the machine. Both were the first adult anime I watched. I now addicted to dragon ball, and dbz. Who can forget watching dungeon & dragon growing up? I missed that crazy wizard.
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    Ghost in the Shell is my personal favorite. I would highly recommend it.

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    I like the following series:

    Starblazers (AKA Space Battleship Yamato).
    G-Force (AKA Gatchaman AKA Battle of the Planets)

    These are classics right up there in the pantheon with Robotech!
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