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    DR. WHO is coming back to television

    Quote Originally Posted by Cinescape Online
    DR. WHO is coming back to television
    The BBC has ordered a new series
    Dateline: Friday, September 26, 2003

    News Editor
    Source: BBC

    DOCTOR WHO will be back on British television screens in 2005.

    The publicity division for the BBC has confirmed that the legal snafu surrounding the rights for the sci-fi franchise DOCTOR WHO has been cleared up and a greenlight has been given to begin work on a new TV series. Writer Russell T. Davies has begun working on several new scripts for the new show, which should air on the network in, at the bare minimum, two years from now.

    No other details about the new show, storylines or who will play the new Doctor have been announced except that the series will be a family show. This new project is separate from the previously announced animated DOCTOR WHO series in development. Richard E. Grant (WITHNAIL & I) will provide the voice of the animated Doctor.

    "I grew up watching DOCTOR WHO, hiding behind the sofa like so many others," comments Davies. "DOCTOR WHO is one of the BBC's most exciting and original characters. He's had a good rest and now it's time to bring him back!

    "The new series will be fun, exciting, comtemporary and scary. Although I'm only in the early stages of development, I'm aiming to write a full-blooded drama which embraces the DOCTOR WHO heritage, at the same time as introducing the character to a modern audience."
    Okay, I love this show! Yes, the effects were cheesy and the stories were often terribly campy, but I was so sad when it ended back in 1989. I now have two things to look forward to in 2005: Star Wars Episode III and Doctor Who!

    Quote Originally Posted by Outpost Gallifrey
    Davies at Hull Literary Festival
    New series producer Russell T. Davies today attended a literary festival in Hull, UK, where some interesting bits of information came to light. Davies said that there is no concrete plan for the series at this stage, other than an outline (that will likely remain consistent) - nothing is set in stone apart from the fact that the series is coming back. The Doctor has not been cast yet. No master plan to bring the show back was in the offing; it just sort of happened, as a consequence of Davies repeatedly telling the BBC that he'd only work with them if he got to do Doctor Who. There's a production meeting on December 8th; things may start inching ahead around then. There will be other writers on the show but they'll be writing to specific briefs Davies sets. There will be a mix of stories; the whole spectrum of stuff from the old series, plus some new types of stories. Davies mentioned "Sapphire & Steel-type stories" involving shenanigans with time as one possible type of story. The reason BBC Wales are doing it is part of a wider plan to turn Wales into a production centre for television. Davies said that the series would likely consist of 13 45-minute episodes, most of which will be single stories. There are, at the moment, three two-parters, though that number may change according to how the budget plays out. He also said that we need to give Mal Young more credit for bringing back the series - it turns out that nearly every year, he's been coming up with budgeting plans and trying to get the series made. And people shouldn't just judge him by the fact that he produces Casualty and EastEnders - he also does less mass-market stuff like Dalziel and Pascoe, which tends to get overlooked. Doctor Who, he said, is a prestigious thing for the BBC - they're giving them an unheard-of 13 weeks of prep time, for instance, and it's envisaged as a series that will "run and run," in the manner of Casualty... a flagship programme. (Thanks to Stephen Graves, Paul Hayes, Ted Prendergast)
    Oh, I am soooo glad that the BBC wants to do right by this show--at last!
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    I remember going to a Dr. Who convention back some years ago, and the biggest thrill I ever got, was when Jon Pertwee (sp?) came through a door right behind me, and I turned around and shook his hand. I used to watch this show on Sunday night.
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    I love Doctor Who, Tom Baker was my favorite. Used to watch it all the time (ages ago) when they played it on PBS. It got pretty hard for me to keep up on what happened after the 6th doctor. I don't know if I ever saw an episode with the 7th doctor. (Did see that thing with #8 a few years ago.)

    I hope we get a chance to see the new show here in the states. Maybe BBC America will put it on ... ?

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    I wonder if they will incorporate the Fox made for TV movie that was made a few years ago. It was fairly decent and the way the doctor regenerated and came back to life was a lot of fun. Aren't they on the 9th doctor incarnation now?

    And did anyone catch the Comedy Relief sketch "The Curse of the Fatal Death" -- the Dr. Who spoof? It was well done and had a lot of inside jokes for Dr. Who fans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Zoltar
    Aren't they on the 9th doctor incarnation now?
    I'm pretty sure the TV special Doctor was #8. At the BBC site there's a new cartoon that has what they're calling #9. (With Richard Grant as the Doctor.) Amusing Flash cartoon type stuff.

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    DOCTOR WHO's TARDIS is back in business

    Quote Originally Posted by plasticfetish
    I'm pretty sure the TV special Doctor was #8. At the BBC site there's a new cartoon that has what they're calling #9. (With Richard Grant as the Doctor.) Amusing Flash cartoon type stuff.
    Speaking of which ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Cinescape Online
    DOCTOR WHO's TARDIS is back in business
    New DOCTOR WHO adventure now online
    Dateline: Thursday, November 13, 2003

    News Editor
    Source: BBCi

    While DOCTOR WHO fans have to be patient to see which actor will be announced to play the Time Lord in the new TV series in development, the wait is over for those looking forward to the online adventures of the Doctor. The first episode of "Scream of the Shalka", a six-part animated online DOCTOR WHO story, went online at the BBC's website a day earlier than expected. Richard E. Grant (WITHNAIL & I) plays the digital version of the Doctor who, as is the norm when he regenerates, has a new look and costume.

    The site also has a video interview with Grant discussing his new role, what it's like working with his fellow cast mates (which includes Sir Derek Jacobi among their number) and desktop wallpapers from the new WHO ready for download. New episodes of "Scream of the Shalka" will debut on BBCi every Thursday.
    Oh yeah! Now, if they can make the new live-action series as good as this, we're in for a real treat!
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