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    Obi-Wan's Real Name -is- Ben Kenobi!

    We've all wondered exactly why Obi-Wan Kenobi is also known as Ben Kenobi. Whether it was a name he originally had, or if he took it later to better hide himself from the Empire. If the following Spy Report is true, then we'll learn the origins of the 'Ben' name in Episode III. And it appears many of us were right that they might change a Younglings name when they're brought into the Jedi Order. To distance them further from any family ties that they had from their old life. Obviously Anakin's name wasn't changed, because he was already beyond the youngling years when he first joined the Jedi Order. Here's the Spoiler Report from
    There's a minor quabble among fans on how Obi-Wan gets his name changed to "Ben" in the classic Episode IV. For long lengths to time, fans have speculated that it may be answered in Episode III. Well, from what we hear it will be. Here's how it goes:

    Obi-Wan's given name is Ben - but he's been called Obi-Wan for so long no one seems to know otherwise. As they zip around the galaxy in the new Jedi Star/Tiefighters there is a scene where Anakin, having discovered Kenobi's actual name recently (though not seen in the film), calls him "Ben" as a jest in the middle of a blazing firefight. Obi-Wan responds, saying "This is no time for jokes Anakin! Besides you know I hate it when you call me that" - but Anakin persists. "Did Qui-Gon ever know your real name?" he asks. Obi-Wan blasts a few enemy ships, then says he fears that everyone will know now that Anakin does.

    Speculation then would lead us to believe that after the fall of Anakin to the Dark Side. Obi-Wan escapes into hiding, calling himself Ben and burying himself on a planet where Vader would least want to return to. He uses the name as a painful reminder of his relationship with the fallen padawan, who he would someday face again one day.
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    Interesting . . . I always assumed "Ben" came as a nickname from the B and N in Obi-Wan but that was just my interpretation.

    This report sounds like it could play out very cool on screen. One last ribbing from one friend to another before all hell breaks loose.

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    Cool, I always thought that Ben might be his real name.

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    ........and i just learned qui-gon's real name is "jerry"

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    Cool, that could make sense. Who would name their baby "obi-Wan" anyway?
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    "Homage" ;)

    HENRY and INDY mount their horses. Henry turns back to his son.

    What did you find, Junior?

    Junior?! Dad...

    Please...What does it always
    mean, this...this "Junior?"

    That's his name. Henry Jones,

    I like Indiana.

    We named the dog Indiana.

    May we go home now, please?


    (to INDY)
    The dog!?
    You are named after the dog...

    I've got a lot of fond memories
    of that dog.

    A moment passes as they all ready their mounts and SALLAH continues to laugh
    at INDY.

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    Well, Lucas did write a lot of the Indiana Jones films with other writers. Can you really homage your own movies? Atleast it's not a direct copy.

    Anakin: So Ben....
    Obi-Wan: I told you not to call me that. My names Obi-Wan
    Anakin: But they named the Womprat Obi-Wan.

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    They just updated this story on TFN. Apparently, he befriends a clone trooper, and later the clone tries to kill him, and he's like, "Target Obi-Wan Kenobi locked." Obi-Wan strikes him down with his saber and says something to the effect of, "It was always Ben to you, dear friend."

    Sounds a little, dare I say, moving, and certainly out of place compared the extremely lighthearted nature of Episodes 1 and 2.

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    Names changed?

    Yoda? Who names their kid Yoda?

    Mace Windu - NOT. He is from the Harun Kal native Ghosh (tribe) Windu. That is his given name, pretty much. Not sure about Mace.

    Ki-Adi Mundi - Comic source says "Ki" was his given name. The rest? Not sure.

    Adi Gallia - "Adi" might mean something in some language. We're seeing it twice now.

    Plo Koon - well who names their kid Plo Koon?

    SaeSee Tiin - again....

    Depa Billaba - hmmmm

    Yarael Poof - His dad was Iggy Pop

    Eeth Koth - ?

    Yaddle ?

    Even Piel - sounds like kids made fun of him at school

    Oppo Rancisis - uh-huh. Why not "Charlie?"

    Shaak-Ti - obviously a descendant from the Love Shaak.

    Coleman Trebor - curiously sounds like the name of a guy at Lucasfilm spelled wrong.

    Barriss Offee - go figure

    Luminara Undulli - probably a Jedi rename, like "illuminated." Undulli might be her real name.

    Kit Fisto - uh, yeah...

    OK, well let's get into this stuff where the names might be important:

    Qui-Gonn Jinn
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Nah....I don't see any importance.

    And if his given name was Ben Kenobi - why didn't the Jedi change his last name to protect his family - like in case the owner of that yellow speeder went after somebody to thrash for damaging his car?

    It's all confusing.
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    I've contemplated this rumor for 4 days now and I really hope it's true. I can easily picture Hayden and Ewan's banter during a dogfight and it is great.

    I love it.


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