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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    TNT is owned by Warner Brothers.
    Yes, yes they are. And do you know why TNT airs Charmed? Because the morons canceled Witchblade, despite really good ratings, after Yancy Butler's stint in alcohol rehab shut down production in Canada for 2 weeks. In fact, that put the keebosh on all TNT's original programming, as they edged even further into "All-Law & Order, All the Time!"

    I'm having a hard time imagining anyone who could pull off playing Barnabas Collins. They'll probably go with an unknown. Just as long as they don't get the lifeless hunk of driftwood from Tarzan!
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    X FILES vet to helm new DARK SHADOWS pilot

    Quote Originally Posted by Fangoria Online
    February 19: X FILES vet to helm new DARK SHADOWS pilot

    Variety reports that Rob Bowman, who directed numerous episodes of THE X FILES as well as the feature-film version, will helm the pilot for the WBs new DARK SHADOWS series. As previously reported, SHADOWS creator Dan Curtis has teamed with John (ER) Wells company for this latest incarnation, with Mark (TIMECOP) Verheiden executive-producing the show with the duo and scripting the pilot. Bowman is a busy guy lately, as the trade also reports that hes in negotiations to direct ELEKTRA, the movie spinoff of DAREDEVIL starring Jennifer Garner in the title role, for Fox and Regency.
    I had previously posted a news item about this, but I guess the thread became inactive and was deleted. Anyway, I'm wondering just how young The WB is going to go with casting this series. After all, both previous versions have featured actors in their forties playing romantic vampire lead Barnabas Collins. And, isn't it interesting that The WB cancels Angel as it shepards in yet another vampire-centric series?
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    We don't delete threads when they go inactive, but we had a momentary glitch last month that ate a few threads, which is why we updated to this new version of the software.
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