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    Exclamation Bring Back Plo Koon (12" Scale)

    When the POTF2 line began, I swore I would not be a 12" figure collector. I had all but IG-88 from the vintage line and the initial offerings were none too appealing. But then came Lando and Tarkin and Bib Fortuna and a few others here and there that were too good to pass up and so my collection began.

    I have by no means collected every single 12" figure made, nor do I intend to do so. But I did genuinely want a 12" Plo Koon and missed the opportunity. Since Hasbro has seen fit to bring back the Biker Scout (sans Speeder Bike) I am hopeful that they will not let this plea fall on deaf ears. Please bring back Plo Koon! There are far too many of us looking for this figure and unwilling to pay an outrageous price. Sure the packaging may be different, but so much the better. My figure would be coming out of the box anyway, so no worries there for me!

    What do you say, Hasbro? You've already made this guy, you have all the molds. Bring him back into production!
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    I already have Plo Koon, but being as he was one of the better sculpted figures, he should be brought back. All Star Wars fans/collectors should have had the chance to get this figure. The way the situation was handled was poor, and it is only right that he be given a second chance. Heck. . . if you have to throw him in a 2-pack with another Council Member (Saesee Tinn?), fine. . . just give him to the masses. Don't let one of your better figures go down as a marketing mishap!!!
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    I missed the first offering of the Plo Kloon figure, and I thought from the pictures I had seen, that it was one of the better built 12" figures. I had heard in another thread that this is one on the list to possibly be rereleased by Hasbro, but that was just a rumor. I hope it's true!
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