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    After Vintage, before Neo-Classic there was Bend-ems! Any collection those

    About a year or so before Hasbro started a new Star Wars like Just Toys did a Bend-ems line. the figures were DUMB but at the time it was the only Star Wars toys you could get. Did anyone get them? I have them all, and some box sets. Wish now I got that redone Vader case for them. Then I would have every thing the Just Toys did.
    They look really bad, some of them, a few are cool. Like the Boba Fett.
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    I never liked so i had passed. I remember that some of them came with coins, much like the old POTF coins. It was a 3 coin set, so i ended up buying those three coins off of some guy so i wouldnt have to buy the figures.
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    I think I have a Bend-ems Chewbacca floating around some where. Is that part of this series?
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    I had some of them (YUCKA!) and just gave them away to my friend's little nephew who will open them and have a good time playing so that suits me just fine...I got tired of them taking up space in my continually growing starwars storage and just wanted them GONE!

    To this day, I still have no idea what possessed me to buy them
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    I wanted to buy them until I got a good look at them. The Bespin Luke turned me off the most. I thought he most god offal figure I had seen. But my story has a happy ending as I never did waste the money them.
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    I bought all of them, and loved them and still do.

    People looking at them now think they are horrid. Although that was back in the early 90's. There wasn't a SW section in stores. We had Zahn novels, Nintendo/computer SW games, and a few Dark Horse comics.

    When Bend Ems hit stores, it was awesome. While they aren't the greatest. It still was a SW item in the stores and created a tiny SW section in the toy department.

    The only problem I have with them now is a few of my gift packs seemed to have yellowed (which I here is common with the line).
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    With everone else hating them I am glad I got them all. in 20years they will be the lost toys that no one has.
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    Well, it's already been ten years and still most people don't want them. (just playin' with ya)

    I seriously couldn't give them away, except to a 5 year old boy, not even on SSG!

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    I have all except the Boba Fett & Luke X-Wing. OK things. Not the best but they were cool at the time. The Ackbar and Royal Guard are my favorites.

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    I remember my very first Star Wars item was a Bend-´em C-3PO
    I got in Italy back then. Or course there his name wasn`t 3PO.
    I also remember my older cousine asking why I didn´t buy R2 instead since she liked him better (I got in SW because of C-3PO, I thought he looked cool). Anyway, in 1998 I bought the ROTJ giftpack because of Boba Fett.

    Today I think these figures are silly. I only like 3PO because of the sentimental value.

    P.S.: How bendable is R2?
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