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    Does Anybody Have A Complete Set?

    I'm working on my Vintage collection now, and I was wondering if anybody has a complete set of 93 Vintage figures? Carded or not. Mine are all loose but are complete and in excellent condition. I figure I have about half.

    I guess 93 is the correct number counting Yak Face.
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    Far from it. I have one figure from the w/ the Empire Strikes back card. I have some with the Return of the Jedi card and non from the original release. I did have some that I bought and opened in my childhood, but my mom threw them out because I had wasted my savings on them. Still can't forgive her for that move.
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    I have around 86 vintage figures, but a few extra of Stormtroopers and Biker Scouts. All in all I have about 78 different ones.
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    I have every Kenner Vintage Star Wars figure, loose but in mint condition, with the exception of Yak Face, which wasn't released in the USA. I also have the Max Reebo Band Trio, the Patrol Dewback and the Rancor, but passed on the Tauntaun and Wampa. Now, I only have R2, 3PO, and Boba Fett in the Droids animated line, and only Wicket in the Ewoks line. However, I consider those lines as separate from the SW toy line.
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    I'm about 10 away in the standard vintage line, mostly from the POTF coin waves.

    I've got just about everything else in terms of beasts, playsets, and vehicles.

    Once I get some more disposable income (and space), I'll work on the Droids and Ewoks stuff.

    Good luck completing the set!

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    I do! I do!

    Here's what I have:
    Luke Skywalker
    Princess Leia
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Tusken Raider
    Han Solo
    Death Squad Commander
    Darth Vader
    Snaggletooth (blue)
    Snaggletooth (red)
    Luke X-Wing Pilot
    Death Star Droid
    Power Droid
    Boba Fett
    Bespin Guard, white
    Stormtrooper (Hoth)
    Princess Leia (Bespin)
    Lando Calrissian
    Luke Skywalker (Bespin)
    Rebel Soldier
    Han Solo (Hoth)
    Princess Leia (Hoth)
    AT-AT Driver
    Han Solo (Bespin)
    Imperial Commander
    Rebel Commander
    Cloud Car Pilot
    R2-D2 Sensorscope
    Luke Skywalker (Hoth)
    Bespin Guard, black
    AT-AT Commander
    C-3P0 Removable Limbs
    Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot
    Admiral Ackbar
    Bib Fortuna
    Biker Scout
    Chief Chirpa
    Emperor's Royal Guard
    Gamorrean Guard
    General Madine
    Lando Calrissian, Skiff
    Luke Skywalker, Jedi
    Nien Nunb
    Princess Leia (Boushh)
    Rebel Commando
    Ree Yees
    Squid Head
    Princess Leia, Poncho
    Wicket W. Warrick
    Prune Face
    Rancor Keeper
    Han Solo (Trenchcoat)
    Klaatu Skiff Guard
    B-Wing Pilot
    AT-ST Driver
    The Emperor
    R2-D2 Lightsaber
    Yak Face
    Anakin Skywalker
    Lando Calrissian (General Pilot)
    Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper)
    Han Solo (Carbonite)
    Imperial Dignitary
    Imperial Gunner
    A-Wing Pilot
    Luke Skywalker (Battle Poncho)

    I count 95 figures (I count Blue Snaggs as a different figure because it is an entirely different sculpt, not just a different accessory, color, head, or limb), but I could be wrong. I have several doubles, including some of those different accessories and colors. Except for about 8, they're all loose, but of those, there is at least one of each that's mint with all parts.
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