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    Green Clone 3 Pack

    How many of you got this, where did you get it, and do you ever see them in the present.

    I personally have never seen them in a store in Ohio. I just wondered if they were still out there
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    There was a rumor that a few of them were spotted at Target in the Seattle area. I've seen all the other colors at retail except the green 3 pack.

    However, just the other day I saw 7 all white clone trooper packs at K-Mart so I'm hoping that Hasbro will begin shipping more of the other colors in abundance -- including green.
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    This is by far the hardest of the 3-packs to find IMO. The only place they showed up around here was TRU and that was for less than a week. I personally never saw them at retail but a friend of mine picked up 3 for me so if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have mine either.
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    Thanks for the replys. Sounds like the green clones are kind of difficult all over. The green clones are the most expensive on websites, and never found in stores. I talked to other people and they havent found any all over Ohio. Its weird. I see normal, and red clone 3 packs alot. I have only seen yellow once. I have the blue ones but never saw them in stores and I have never seen the green.
    Hasbro needs to put some more out.
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    saw one pack of green clones at TRU over a month ago. Picked it up immidiately, and left two Blue packs. Hadn't seen any other three packs since, til tonight, when at KB i saw a yellow pack. Passed in it, because it was 12.99. They are out there, but they are very hard to find.
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    they were in southwesten ohio (30 miles north of dayton) a few months ago. we got 1 in the pack and i have one out and in my diorama. jus need to find the blue 3 pack and were done.
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    I need to keep track of which ones I have. I saw the green one the other day, but passed on it, because I wasn't sure if I had that one or not. I got home and found I didn't. Oh well, I'm not going to stress if I don't get all the colored ranked clones.
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    If found the green one at a toys r us in birmingham al, but have not seen the blue, yellow, or red.

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    The green set is showing up with some regularity at the my area TRUs.

    Tracking down all the colors has been a challenge. A friend at church has helped me; he found the blue trooper set at a TRU in Georgia for me last week. I now have one set of all the troopers but still need a second on the blue and green troopers.

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    Found two Green Clone troopers in Target Milwaukee...

    My brother got one and another friend got the other.....

    I found a white clone trooper package tonight and left it at Target
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