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The fate of FARSCAPE will be revealed tomorrow
Is the cancelled sci-fi series on the verge of a comeback?
Dateline: Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Dark Horizons reports in today's news that something unusual is happening at the former production offices of FARSCAPE. An informant for the popular Australian movie news website told webmaster Garth Franklin that the show was back in business, with four to six new episodes of the science fiction series ordered. All of the original cast and crew were also back.

Franklin decided to see if there was any truth to the rumor and placed a call to the show's former production office. Surprisingly and on three separate occasions, Franklin's calls were terminated before the voice on the other line could be tricked into giving an answer, and on one phone call he was actually insulted for inquiring.

And here's where we drop the other shoe: we know for a fact that tomorrow afternoon The Jim Henson Company will host a press conference concerning the future of FARSCAPE. Among those FARSCAPE creators scheduled to attend are producers Brian Henson and David Kemper, with series creator Rockne O'Bannon also a likely participant. The purpose of the event? To announce a "new development" with FARSCAPE.

Now, you put it together and ask yourself the following question: why would the producers of a dead series be arranging a sudden press conference? All indicators point to the return of FARSCAPE.

It may be a little premature to pop open the champagne but we advise to have it chill on ice for the next 24 hours. I'll be attending the conference as as soon as the FARSCAPE news is revealed, look for the story to appear on the site shortly thereafter.
So, what happened? Unfortunately ... nothing!

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FARSCAPE press conference postponed
To be rescheduled, but when?
News Editor

We've just learned that today's planned for press conference announcing a new development with the cancelled FARSCAPE television series has been postponed until further notice. A representative told us that the conference will be rescheduled to a later, unknown date.

What this means for the fate of the popular sci-fi series and the rumors published earlier this week about a second shot at life for FARSCAPE remain unclear. Did the earlier reports of a newly reopened production office throw a monkey wrench into someone's plans?
Oh, great! So, a rumor about the show getting revived is posted on the Internet and this causes the deal to fall through? Riiiiight ...

Unfortunately, David Kemper has been known to pull these kinds of stunts in the past, so I don't doubt that maybe he's got something in the works with reviving Farscape, jumped the gun on leaking the info, and it's blown up in his face!