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    ILM's Mark Austin speaks out here on SSG

    Check out this awesome interview SSG's very own Grand Admiral Thrawn got with Mark A. Austin (Boba Fett and Head of Creature Effects on ANH:SE), it's a great read!

    I'm very surprised to see some of the comments he made about the Special Editions and the prequels, especially after McCallum and Lucas made such huge deals about those very same things - they made it seem like the special editions were such incredible perfection and everything was so high-tech and smooth, when the reality sounds very much different. It's too bad Skywalker Ranch works this way, it seems very much like the accusations Palpatine makes of the Galactic Senate.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    BTW I have had your site bookmarked for the last 4 years.

    I wonder how much you paid him to say that
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    That was pretty cool. I guess Mark knows better than George what's best for the saga...I mean soap opera...

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    All I can say after reading that interview is "Wow." Not a good "wow" or a bad "wow," just "wow."

    One comment that stuck out for me was his statement about how GL is surrounded by "yes men." This IS the number one reason why I believe TPM failed. But when you compare production on TPM to the original, I believe that most of the problems arise when no one wants to say to Lucas that this or that is not a good idea. As opposed to the originals, ANH in particular since that is the only one he directed, that back in '76, GL was a "nobody" for the most part, and the actors and producers, and so forth gave a lot of input. Where as now, its Lucas word goes.

    I enjoyed the movie for the most part, but I took a lot of it with a "grain of salt" so to speak. I didn't go into the theater with high hopes, which is probably why I'm one of the few who actually enjoy TPM. I look forward to the remaining films, and to GL completing his story. But I think we need to realize now that because of GL's reputation and characteristics, he's changing a lot of what SW is to fit his own wants and desires which have developed in the 25+ years since he started.

    That whole interview reminds me of the book "Empire Building." For those of you who are unfamiliar, its the "true life story of the making of Star Wars." All the dirt and scandals Lucasfilm doesn't want you to hear. For those of you who are now disillusioned with SW in general and believe that the "magic is gone" so to speak, I strongly recommend it.
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    I really have nothing to say, other than this changes the way I will look at Lucas and ILM forever. I had been considering applying for a job there when I got out of the Army; but why trade one narrow-minded, "yes-man" job for another?
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    At least he's not bitter about it all.........

    the way he describes Lucas walking round like an out of touch monarch reminds me of that scene in TIME BANDITS where John Cleese as robin hood wanders along the row of little people and says "So you're all bandits are you? Jolly good" as though he realy has no idea what a bandit really is or does but thinks it sounds like jolly good fun. Crap analogy but you get my drift... Lucas = ivory tower.

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    Ahhh yes. Lucas becoming an out of touch movie mogul. Since when does fame and fortune NOT make you out of touch?

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    So one person who doesn't work for ILM anymore proves Lucas is out-of-touch, letting success go to his head? I don't buy that. Good interview, Thrawn, but I am one of those SW fans that takes "insider" gripes with a grain of salt.
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    I found it very interesting... Good job Thrawn!
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    hey jargo,

    i liked your other photo a lot better. it was really cool looking. no foolin'

    if lucas is surrounded by yes men, it's because that is what he wants. and i believe ILM-er john knoll did express his displeasure with thing like the casting of jake lloyd, among other things. i read this was in the documentary, but edited out.

    i think this guy being interviewed was in a no win situation. if he says lucas film is the best place ever, he'll come off as a kiss-***.
    if he's critical, he a disgruntled employee.
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