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    POTTER parody set up at MGM

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    POTTER parody set up at MGM

    Dateline: Friday, November 14, 2003

    By: PATRICK SAURIOL, News Editor
    Source: Variety

    When you stop and consider the fact that SCARY MOVIE 3 made almost $50 million in its opening week, it makes sense that MGM would pick up a silly spoof sending up the HARRY POTTER and LORD OF THE RINGS franchises, doesn't it? Still, with a title like HENRY BATES AND THE SORCERER'S BALLS and gags like the magical land of "Middlefinger", it's hard to tell exactly what kind of spoof the studio hopes to make.

    MGM bought the script from writers David Morgasen, James R. Stein and Timothy Stack and are getting the trio to incorporate the studio's notes in a quick rewrite.
    Well, I guess that answers the question of whatever happened to the Wayans Brothers' SCARY MOVIE 3: EPISODE I--LORD OF THE BROOMS.
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    They're clearly not taking any leads from Scary Movie 3, as this movie appears to be just another Scary Movie 2 with dirty jokes galore. Sounds like a flop, just like what happened with Scary Movie 2.
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