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    Yellowed Commtech R2-D2?

    Does anyone else have this problem like I do? Of all 500+ figures that I own from 1995 till just yesterday, my commtech R2-D2 with holographic Leia has yellowed and it is the only one. I thought the days of yellow bubbles were a thing of the past. Guess not...

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    If you are talking about yellow bubbles then I have seen this before in the new lines. I have seen several from the EP1 line that have yellowed. I even saw a website trying to sell a Chancellor Valorum with yellow bubble as a variation if you can believe it.
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    yeah well I'm sorta angered that it hit only that one and not some dumb figure like R5-D4 or one of my numerous ugly faced Leias. I think I spent somewhere near $40 for that R2 with holographic leia. The going price seems to have dropped somewhat but not enough to allow me to just open this yellowed bubbled poop and replace it.

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    Man, you must of had it in direct Sunlight. It's best to keep the carded figures in a dark cool place.
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