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    I have no one who I can buy sw stuff for. I'm just trying to convince my family to buy more SW stuff for me!
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    I won't be giving any SW gifts but I'll have a few items on my Santa List that I hope to get.
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    I'll get my little niece and nefew lightsabers for Christmas. And on Christmas day I'll watch them beat the living hell out of each other with them.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Oh yeah.

    I buy things on clearance and squirrel them away for my son. I picked up a few things ages ago that I still haven't given him yet ... Geonosian Battle Arena, Acklay. The other day he says ... "You know, I'd really like an X-wing and a Darth Vader TIE Fighter, big enough to put these figures in ... do they make that?" So yeah, there will be some Star Wars given this holiday season.

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    I most definitely will be giving SW toys this year.

    In my local Fanforce (TF.N city fan groups) we have a secret Santa, so there's one. Along with that, I'll donate to Childrens's Hospital, Toys for Tots, United Way toy drive at work, and a local shelter. Don't nock those 4 packs as giveaways. Unfortunately there are alot of kids who don't get ANYthing at all for Christmas or much else during the rest of the year. Last year I gave away about 20 figures, 3 Lego sets a football and a basketball. Yes, I don't have kids so for me it's easy and I thinkfully have the budget for this. But even if you don't have as big a budget, it's not the amount but the heart you put into giving.

    Even if you only have enough for one figure...
    Even if you just drop it off at a drop box...
    Even if you don't have any idea who it goes too...

    It's the unselfish thought of giving that counts.

    Did I want to see the smile on the faces of the kids who got the gifts I gave, sure. Did it matter if I saw they're faces or not, no. Just knowing that some kid probably smiled or cheered or even cried a tear of joy at receiveing a toy was enough.

    You don't have to give until it hurts, you should give until it feels good... If that's only one gift so be it, that's at least one more kid who's going to get something that they otherwise might not have gotten.

    So, I urge all of you, even those with kids to give, even if it's just one thing.
    Put yourself in they're position. Your poor, you don't know if you'll have food for Christmas or if "Santa" will come, you may just be thankful to have one parent in your life and you live in a house in deplorable conditions. All of the sudden the local food bank gives you food for the holidays and then you find a toy under the modest Christmas tree that your mom had to work too hard for. That toy came from a donor, but you don't know that, you think it's Santa or better yet your mom. Does it matter what it is, maybe, but to those who are truly poor, trust me I KNOW, it's the fact that SOMETHING is there for YOU.

    Have I described any of you in the previous paragraph? I did myself and now that I'm in a position to give back I do. So all I'm asking is that you give up a very small amount of money for one thing that can truly brighten up one child's ENTIRE Christmas.

    Thank You.

    Here are a list of suggestions for SW related items:

    Figures-no matter what form whether the be from a four pack at KB's or a Minty fresh one from TRU.

    Puzzles-yes it's not a toy they can play with alot, but it get's their mind working and they may ask a parent for help in which case gets the family involved and that CAN'T be bad.

    Games-same thing, they need either a sibling or a parent to play with which in the long run is more needed. The amount of interaction a person has with their family in their formative years greatly impacts upon the person they may become.

    Legos-much like puzzles but better because they are a toy as well as a puzzle.

    12 in figures-You might want to stick with human characters on this one. If it's given to a boy and his sister has Barbie's then they can play together. Yeahm it doenst seem normal but when you are poor things are much differnet than the way the rest of society interacts. Besides this can help to bond a brother and sister together which becomes more important later in life.

    Bed Sheets-if you can find them. Some kids don't have decent bedding and giving them something that can keep them warm at night AND have something fun printed on them is a special gift. Even if that kid didn't like SW before, they may grow to apperciate it because of the psychological impact. This SW bedsheet kept them warm and made them feel a little more secure or safe at night, hence they may show an interest in the movies later.

    Okay that enough from me.

    I just hope that every gives, even if it's not SW, to needy kids. The life you touch could be dramatically impacted.

    May the Force AND the spirit of giving be with you.
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    Like others have already posted if anybody gets a Star Wars toy from me it will be toys for tots. Im the only person i know who collects them. I just gave my list of what i wanted (yes i still make lists) to my mother and i didnt have any Star Wars figures on that. Its hard for my family to pick me up any figures because they dont know what i have and dont.
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    Just a little advice I've been giving the past few years about donating SW figures to childrens' charities... you may want to consider lightly mangling the card or bubble in order to shoo away any unscrupulous collectors who might see the donation and take it for themselves.
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    If I buy any SW gives this holiday they'll be for me. I'm the only SW fan (or collector) in my family and of the people who I give gifts to. So for me there's no point to it. Now I might send a SW card, but that's a different story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars
    No, I wont give crappy secound had 4 packs to needy kids. There's better stuff to give.
    I don't know about you, but I paid $5 each for some of those figures when they first came out. I think some of them are crappy but not all of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    Just a little advice I've been giving the past few years about donating SW figures to childrens' charities... you may want to consider lightly mangling the card or bubble in order to shoo away any unscrupulous collectors who might see the donation and take it for themselves.
    Sound advice, JT. I did that last year, too. Nothing that a kid would notice or care about, but some definite card creasing and buble dingin was in order.

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    My five-year-old niece is a SW fan. When I babysit, we play SW (changed a little bit to encompass a five-year-old's world).

    I have given her the Playskool sets in the past for Christmas and her birthday (they are a hit with the kids!!). She has asked for some figures (I've given her loose figures) that she doesn't have, so I will be (hopefully!) tracking them down for her.


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