View Poll Results: Will you be giving any Star Wars gifts this holiday season?

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  • No.

    66 37.08%
  • Unsure.

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    I gave a friend a custom Santa Yoda a few years ago... and now that there is an official Hasbro version he'll get one of those too (I voted "unsure" because these aren't cheap). The Hallmark ornaments are good gifts too. Especially when they come from a true collector to someone who knows that about you. It makes my parents think about me everytime they see (and hear) Darth Vader hanging on their tree.

    I wish they made adult sized underclothes... like the old under-roos, but adult sized. I have been wanting to get my girlfriend some SW underwear or pajamas (she wouldn't wear a SW t-shirt outside), but haven't seen anything like that out. How cool would flannel pajamas with different characters all over it be... or to see your gal pal sporting rebel logos where only you would see it... or on swim wear, that'd be good too.

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    Never thought about the Hallmark ornaments! There are other nice SW ornaments on the market. There is a line of pewter (about six or so) and the glass Christopher Radko ornaments (about seven). The Radko ornamens are harder to find since they've been out for a while.

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    It's really cold up here (-18 F when I woke up this morning) so some good adult gloves, hats and scarves would also be great.

    As for action figures... maybe some going to toys for tots... but toy purchases will mostly be for me.

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    Lightbulb star wars gifts

    I think that Hasbro really needs to pick up the ball,(They've only had 10 years to get it right!)Offer toys for purchase online, directly from the manufaqcturer!
    So many companies today offer multiple product lines online, Why not Hasbro?
    To Answer the question however, I will be buying for other collectors, and yes a few kids I know. This would be facilitated in a much easier fashion if I could buy
    exactly what I want with one click!!
    All I want for Christmas is a direct online ordering system from Hasbro...
    But judging from the online auctions, (another cluster f**K)
    I may have to wait another ten years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Now's the season for giving. Meanwhile business reports I've read say retail sales have been slow, Wal-Mart's growth's failed to meet forecasts, the economy may be recovering, but it's gaining momentum at a very unimpressive rate.

    How does that affect us, Star Wars collectors who rabidly pursue toy manufacturer items for ourselves?

    Well, most completists here know what they'll be shopping for, and pickers-n-choosers like myself will be doing are thing, some army-building or whatnot.

    But will any of you be purchasing Star Wars items as gifts for other people?

    I've been considering looking for sales and taking advantage of them to offer toys to San Diego's younger fire victims.

    The KB Toys Value Packs might work real nicely for gifts like that, especially since those kids lost everything, so it's not like they'll get duplicates to complain about.

    What do you guys think? Who's giving Star Wars this holiday?

    And what would make good SW gifts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by R3PO
    So many companies today offer multiple product lines online, Why not Hasbro?
    Just out of curiosity and as a point of reference, which toy manufacturing company offers product for sale online?

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    i'll be giving playskool sets to my young nephew. i have some other friends with little ones still too small for the playskool sets, but i've already bought them for future gifts.

    i'll help clear some of the pegwarmers as donations for toys for tots.

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    Im giving one Star Wars gift this year - a Boba Fett "Pit of Carkoon" figure to Mabudon from these boards. Bummer he already knows it's coming!

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    I'm giving one gift this year and to whom is a secret. i can't spill the beans just yet folks.

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    Actually I voted for no, but I am giving my stepson 4 figures. So can someone change my vote from no to yes
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    I'll be handing out a few Holiday Yoda's, and getting my niece those Playskool Star Wars toys.


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