View Poll Results: How did you feel about the Clone Wars Animated Series?

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  • I loved it. I can't wait until the spring season!

    98 64.05%
  • It was alright. I'll probably watch again next year.

    31 20.26%
  • I didn't see them, or enough of them, to have any opinion.

    14 9.15%
  • It was not well executed, and I was disappointed in them.

    10 6.54%
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    How did you feel about the Clone Wars Animated Series?

    Now that the first "season" is over, let's talk about how we feel about the Clone Wars Animated Series continuing next year, and get an after-the-fact poll count on who liked and disliked this series.
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    Overall I liked it very much. There's 2 complaints though. #1 They are just too damn short. #2 Durg is just a stupid charactor. I mean when he turned in to that bloob, I was like WHAT THE HELL??? Anyways I'd like it to continue.
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    It far exceeded my expectations. It was awesome sans an episode or two. I cant wait for the spring.
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    It showed promise but was not well executed in many ways.

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    I really wasn't expecting much but what I saw blew me away. Especially the third episode. Durge was okay, I was rather glad to see some imagination put into this series like there was for the OT.
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    I loved every minute of it, now get the spring episodes out and then bring me a dvd! Great series! I hope more SW cartoons come out because of this.
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    i was loving the first few episodes (didn't even mind the short time, to me it fit). then durge appears, then ventriss - still haven't decided who is worse. i realize they need bad guys to lead the droid but haven't we had enough of the indestructible 'evil-doer.' and they seem to get stopped by sheer dumb luck only. look at how easily maul finishes of qui-gon and has obi beaten only to be sliced in half. everyone's favorite bounty hunter done in by a blind han swinging a pole. stormtroopers, the most feared soldiers in the universe, but not one of them can shoot straight.

    but back to topic. durge is/was too over-the-top even before he turned into a mass of twine. look at what ani was able to accomplish with no training in the force and then look at asajj, where'd she get the sabers?

    return the focus back to the jedi and their clone armys clash with the droids. let dooku and sidious scheme and direct their forces from the shadows and i'd be much happier.

    that being said i will still watch the spring series and would like to see a full length comic series.

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    Overall. . . I liked them. The animation was better than I thought it would be, and the short episodes were tollerable (would've rather had a real series. . . but its better than nothing.) I felt Palpatine looked a little silly, but being as we only saw him once. . . I was over it. Durge. . . please. . . that was a little ridiculous. He was destroying massive battle tanks, and lifting them off the ground with his joust. . . that was too much. Then they went and made him "indestructible. . . Then he flew through the window and was instantly picked off by like 20 Clone Troopers. . . he's indistrucible. . . but his armor, weapons, and accessories are apparently crap. Everything he used was quickly destroyed. . . but he always had a backup. And then his distruction was too corny. I could have done without his over-exagerrated antics. Assaj. . . eh. . . I'll make my desicion on her in the next series. I did enjoy Dooku/Tyranus' banter with her. He was almost comical teh way he talked down to her. . . "surely if you were Sith. . . this fight would have been over." I felt there were a lot of really great parts, and well done sequences. . . and they greatly overshadow the weakness of Durge. I am looking forward to the second series.

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    Remember that this is a cartoon... everything is exagerated. Even the powers, and size of characters. I liked Durge, and enjoy the fact that he is not humanoid and poses a threat that they aren't ready for. Assajj is likely a witch from Dathomir (however that's spelled) or any of a number of species, or religoins that can tap into the force in some way. The lightseabers she likely obtained from fallen jedi.

    I also enjoyed the fact that the toons aren't just action, but you can see (and hear) the subterfuge taking place. Sidious sends Assajj out to kill Anakin. Does Sidious seriously think she will kill him? If so this hints that he may NOT be Palpatine. On the other hand he may be sending her there to drive Anakin to the brink to see how powerful he can be when truely tested... in which case he IS Palpatine. Either way he is not concerned if she lives or dies, because she is just a tool to eradicate the jedi. I think it is good that they have foudn disposable weapons against the jedi... I just couldn't believe 2 Sith could wipe them all out... no matter how many droids they have.

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    It was great..... until durge took out an ATTE with that stupid jousting pole. The jousting idea sucked. give the droids guns. Hell, just use the hailfire droids instead of those dumb IG-88's on swoops. That"ll make the next series better. Everything else was fine, including Durge going all Akira like in the last few epps. LURVVVVED Obi in armour on speeder. I wanna figure of dat


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