Now's the season for giving. Meanwhile business reports I've read say retail sales have been slow, Wal-Mart's growth's failed to meet forecasts, the economy may be recovering, but it's gaining momentum at a very unimpressive rate.

How does that affect us, Star Wars collectors who rabidly pursue toy manufacturer items for ourselves?

Well, most completists here know what they'll be shopping for, and pickers-n-choosers like myself will be doing are thing, some army-building or whatnot.

But will any of you be purchasing Star Wars items as gifts for other people?

I've been considering looking for sales and taking advantage of them to offer toys to San Diego's younger fire victims.

The KB Toys Value Packs might work real nicely for gifts like that, especially since those kids lost everything, so it's not like they'll get duplicates to complain about.

What do you guys think? Who's giving Star Wars this holiday?

And what would make good SW gifts?