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    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    The trailer is out!!

    I didn't know that this movie would be out this soon in June of 2004.
    I really like the spine bone candles.
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    Wow, Sirius looks wacked out! He almost looks like a clip from a Metallica video. Awesome, awesome.
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    Can't wait for this to be released. So far it looks better than the first two.
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    Really enjoyed the previous two films, so am probably really gonna enjoy this one . Will this be the gang's last Potter film before they re-cast, or are they doing another?

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    I believe I saw on CNN's ticker that Daniel Radcliffe, at least, had signed for Goblet of Fire.
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    pendo- from what i've read, i believe that the core group, Daniel, Emma and Rupert have signed onto "Goblet of fire" but i don't know about the rest of them. Personally, i think they should stick with it until the end; i mean, they're already identified with these characters, so why mess it up? If they're worried about being type casted or whatever, it's a tad too late for that.
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    looks like another marvelous movie. too long a wait though...and i didn't think sirius had a beard...not from the illustrations anyway. but look at harry's scar. it's to the right of the middle of his forhead. not the, i thought that aunt marge inflated inside, not many little things they need to work on...
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    JUNE?!? What happened to every winter like the first 2? I guess that was expecting too much, but that was the best way to keep the kids aging at the right speed.
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    I thought it would be this Christmas, too. By the time Phoenix hits, the kids'll be smoking, drinking and fooling around behind the scenes. Too weird.

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    Soon after the release of the last movie they announced that POA wouldn't follow as a December release. I know they gave a reason why there was a delay but I don't remember what it was. I wonder if there is any chance that they could get back on the December release schedule.
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