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Thread: '04 Yavin Wave

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    Hasbro, Wuher needs help, bring us Ackmena

    Kenobi must be the Smith or Johnson of Tatooine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banthaholic
    Oops, we musta been typing at the same time Banthaholic. Doesn't Capt. Antillies look a little like 9 year old Ani?

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.J.
    Oops, we musta been typing at the same time Banthaholic. Doesn't Capt. Antillies look a little like 9 year old Ani?
    The Captain, hopefully looks better with his helmet on. At first glance I was wondering who the new, child-like figure was, only come to realize that he is Captain Antilles.
    Hasbro, Wuher needs help, bring us Ackmena

    Kenobi must be the Smith or Johnson of Tatooine

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    Two questions:

    Is the TIE Pilot accurate for the Battle of Yavin? I can't remember for sure what the costume differences are.

    And why, why, why are they resculpting Bossk? The first one is still perfect!
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    Nice. I like all 4 of the figures. The Dodonna is especially sweet, and I'm glad they included extra medals. Why 3 though? Or is one meant to go with Chewbacca? Gold Leader/Dutch looks great. Though the chinstrap makes the helmet look sorta bulky. He'll make a good body for a better Luke: X-Wing figure. The Tie Fighter pilot looks sweet. And hopefully they'll resculpt the Imperial Gunner and Death Star Trooper soon. And agreed that the face looks a bit off on Antilles. But the figure is great, everything I wanted in the figure.

    I think the final versions will look better. These are clearly prototypes, you can tell by some of the off elements on Dodonna and Antilles especially. As for the Star Destroyer wave, I think there is room for improvement on Bossk. Just look at sculpting on Bo Shek's spacesuit. I bet he'll kick the original Bossk's arse. But I wonder what figure #4 in the Star Destroyer Wave will be. Death Star Trooper or 4-Lom would be nice.

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    These all look incredible. Very nice to see Hasbro returning to the superior POTJ style sculpts. Here's to hoping for more incouraging pics soon...

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    These look pretty good. Some of them are goofy-lookin', though. Why would Dodonna have three medals? Antilles just looks dumb. They should've given the regular Rebel Trooper a removable helmet, but not him. The TIE Pilot was kind of unnecessary, seeing as how they release one with every TIE Fighter. But oh well.
    Can't wait for Admiral Ozzel!!!
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    The strap on Dutch´s helmet makes him superior to nearly every previous released rebel pilot. What bothered me most about PotJ Pilot Luke was the fact he was missing it.

    The TIE Pilot is great as well since we finally got the differnet helmet. I think you can see the helmet being worn by only very few Pilots in the Saga: When Vader tells the two Pilots to come with him into battle at the end of ANH and the two running pilots as the Death Star is going down in RotJ.

    Antilles really looks kinda like this cliché kid character in Revolution that saves the day after the Commander got taken down by the Sentinals.
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    Ok, all of these figs look quite good - I do not like seeing Antilles made into a fig at age 10, but the overall detail is quite excellent.

    Ok, love the new Tie Pilot - getting a pilot fig so early in the Hasbro run was a shock to me back in, what 1996(?) so I was shocked to see this on a list again, and from the look of the detail of the fig to the articulation, I will buy one for each bad guy ship I have - I hope the sculptor that sculpted this did the new Dengar, 'cause I want him to rock, as the original fig was awful. I cannot wait for the new Dengar, having all the Bounty Hunter together in my collection looks off due to the suckfest that was Dengar 1.

    A new Bossk?!?!?!??! Ok, this better severly rock the house, as a new 4-Lom would have made much more sense.

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    The detail on Gold Leader Dutch, is remarkable. It's funny how they can get a 5 second charchter done so well, then miss the boat on major charchters. I hope they make more Rebel Pilots in the future.

    Dodonna, is everything I hoped he would be when I voted for him last year. 3 Medals? Maybe they're hinting that Chewie might get one in the '04 DVD releases? Or maybe they're just made of cheap plastic and break easy so they gave us 3, who knows...

    As mentioned above Antilles face is off a bit, but the detaail in his outfit is done real well.

    As for the Star Destroyer Wave, I'm just glad we got the confirmation officially on Admiral Ozzel. I'm glad Hasbro's choosing to release all these face charachers in '03. Is Madine next?
    Hasbro, Wuher needs help, bring us Ackmena

    Kenobi must be the Smith or Johnson of Tatooine


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