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    TRU Jedi multipack

    Here's a picture of the Toys R Us exclusive Multipack of Jedi Warriors. They changed the Nikto Jedi but the others are the same.

    I dont think the lightning will hold up, it will probably droop.

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    God, I was seriously hoping this set wouldn't pan out. This is even worse than the Ultimate Bounty Set! Whoop-de-doo, they painted the Nikto's arms brown. This makes Coruscant Chase Obi-Wan worthless, same as POTJ Saesee Tiin (unless he comes with a green saber). I just don't know about this.
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    I would have a hard time buying this 4 pack except for the fact that I would want the containment field. You could always try to trade or sell of the stuff you don't want.

    That's what I did with the extra Boba Fett, Bossk & Aurra Sing from the Ultimate Bounty 4 pack. All I wanted was the swoop and IG for customizing. I already had Aurra and was able to recoup most of what I spend on the 4 pack originally.
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    No way it's worth 20 bucks. The Packaging is worth more than the figures.
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    I have the Ploo Koon, Nikto Jedi and CC Obi-Wan, but never opened them, so I'll end up getting this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars
    No way it's worth 20 bucks. The Packaging is worth more than the figures.
    Yea really, they put a heckuva lot more planning into the packaging alone. True Nikto's different, but what schmoe can't buy a Nikto, remove the outer cloak and paint his arms? That's about $1 for the paint supplies at Wal-Mart.

    Somethin that would've made CC Obi-Wan better is if they had a clear stand for the droid and him to be put on for "flight".

    Let's see, 3 of those figures can still be found in what, $3 bins? And POTJ Saesee wasn't a holy grail either. If anything that's worth $10 for the modified Nikto and the prisoner thingy. But that's it.
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    This reminds me an awful lot of the way Hasbro pumped out those Batman 4-packs before they lost that license.
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    I like these sets TRU puts out. They're good times. It would be nice if hasbro put some more unique or new stuff in them. But all the accessories that come in these packs are cool. I like the detention thing and the nikto. I figured they would just flat out put nikto in it. But I like what they have done. Did any of you think plo koons clothes seemed more red than the original? These sets are cool. I also like they are so easy to find.
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    Oh man, this set bites! The previous three sets were decent enough, although I've yet to pick up the Hoth assortment--waiting for the pack-out with Han's Tauntaun to come back in. That containment device looks flimsy as all aitch-ee-double hockey sticks! And we get magnet-hand Obi-Wan again? I think I'll save my $20 for a few extra McQuarrie Concept Troopers!
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    I really want to get all the sets, but after seeing this booby prize, I think I'm going to pass on it. What did they do, pull the peg warmers and dump them in a bigger box, and add a containment field? Big Deal, Come on Hasbro, surely you can do better...............
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