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    HEY, I got post #100. How RUDE of me. There's a strange irony to it, though...

    Nice to see you here too, jeddah! I remember your cameo appearance on the FSM board awhile back.

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    Red face gsj's right: watch out for Killer Karol Channings :eek:

    "ita, pretty baby, taxi driver, the professional"
    -haven't seen the 1st two (ita's prolly the only kubrick flick i haven't yet caught; should I?), but love the last two
    whatever gave you the idear that kidvid Humps ain't welcome here? to illustrate the VersaTility of the Hump, i even considered Humpin a Best of Chris Rock Show vid & an hour-long joseph beuys docu. in fact, one of these Humps i myself got some kidvid to hump of course, what i really wanna hear about is Snow DAY cuz it has chris elliott- am i right ar2? anyone seen that?
    speakin of snow, plz forgive thor, folks: though he really does have some worthwhile stuff to contribute, in norway they use the language a bit differently, i.e. they don't capitalize the V and T in "sonuhVa*****"
    np: chris "bohseephus" farley, "all my rowdy friends are comin ovah toniight" from "monday night football theme song recording session" sketch on snl

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    Welcome to the Hump Thor

    I saw Ali on Sunday. I was not really looking forward to it, but saw WS (Warstar did you spay? pshyeah right !) interviewed by the hideous and preternatural Jonathon Woss on Film 2002 a coupla weeks ago and was impressed with the footage.

    Well I thoroughly enjoyed the flick and the music was cool too; from Al Green to Angie Stone, was glad that they didn't get too locked up in the era-trap. There were tears (mine) and shouts (John's; "git on, M8! Gwaaan!") but I wish they'd made their minds up which way they wanted to go instead of trying to be all things to all people. I got the impression that it was 1/3 human rights, 1/3 Boxing and 1/3 lovelife. I'd rather've seen more of his personal life and the Human Rights (The "You my oppressor" 'soliloquy' was the bit that really got me sobbing like Gwynnie) or at least had them try to please one group of people 100% rather than all of us 33%.

    Anyway, WS was completely convincing, Jon Voight was unrecognisable and brilliantly downplayed and I loved the supports and cameos from Foxx (incredible), Ice Cube, Jada, and most of Waiting to Exhale cast (Don King). Hell, even LeVar Burton was camping around in there somewhere!

    Whilst I was impressed with Ewan's take on Alec, Will's Ali was much more impressive.


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    the real blonde wow. a strong 9+ in my book. this is another movie I just don't understand how I missed until now. to me, this film had "awards" written all over it. outstanding photography, loved the original music - very 'groovy' bass & vibraphone-ish groove, directing was - at all the right moments - cynical, satirical, compassionate, passionate. writing was intelligent, witty, funny, poignant, tender, and fairly honest. acting was flawless by most of the principals. I'm absolutely smitten with catherine keener. I want her. on a biscuit, with jam, I want her. mmmmmmmm. (sorry.... okay, I'm all better now)
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    yeah, vt, you're right about my lack of linguistic VersaTility. from now on - as a tribute to your mode of communication - i'll use lower case only, except for emphasis.

    btw, a bit disappointed to see my ***** ending heavily cencored up there. am i sensing a romperroom syndrome?

    as for "ita", you MUST check this one out, my friend. i know you have caught some of my "cinema club"-postings over at , and "ita" was one of the latest incarnations. read it here:

    kinda disappointed that no one could tell me where sue lyon had gone off to, though. can anyone in here tell me?

    speaking of the "cinema club"-postings, this is in essence another variant of vt's "hump" ordeal. over the last year and a half or so, i have reviewed numerous films that have screened in a local cinema club (local meaning here in oslo, norway). a semi-regular column at the aforementioned board. if interested, you can view all 60-something reviews at the following site: (well, not entirely, as the last 7 films have not been added yet).

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    romperoom sydrome defined

    as this site's primary function is a star wars related site, and the viewing audience runs on both sides of the legal limit, the art of choosing one's words properly is elevated to a level of near mastery!

    gosh dingity darn (see what i mean ), it turns out i'm holdin' out on another hump (ya ol' hump ya), i completely forgot that when my nephews were in town over x-mas, that i had snuck out late x-mas night and caught a 1:am showin' of ali!

    i absolutely agree with you girlfriend, the movie tried waaaaaay to hard to be too many thangs to too many folk. imho, they should have stuck more to the human rights/love life story, and provided less of the boxing. ( and just who would go see an ali flick without boxing?)(moi would! :happy: )

    the opening 10 miniutes of the film are some of the best 10 minutes of film anywhere! sam cooke was killed oh about the time i wuz only 4 years old, so obviously i never got to see mr. cooke live . unfortuntaely all's we gots to remember him by, are white washed, sponser driven tv shows from the early 60's where sam was being a good boy, very well behaved, no tension what-so-ever

    yet here in ali, we are treated to 10 minutes of what a real sam cooke show must have felt like! i am even now convinced that i've actually seen him live now!

    during this sc concert, we're shown ali keeping all to himself, training hard, honing his craft. keeping distance between himself and the outside world. his determination, and training ethic in absolute solitude is zen like.

    and then without warning, the sam cooke concert ends, the weigh-in for the liston fight begins, and BAM!, we get the ali we all know and remember, the I'M THE GREATEST ali, the I"M THE PRETTIEST ali, the BIG LOUD ALI that we all know.

    the stark difference shown in the opening of the film between the private ali and the very public ali was beautifully demonstrated!

    ws was fabulous as ali. an absolute brilliant preformance.

    VersaTile flick man, uinfortunately i can't offer up anything regardin' snow day , the day we went to see it, emily saw that stuart little was playin' at the same theater, and that's what she wanted to see. so i took the littlest jansen to see the oh so adorable, makes you wanna puke blue rodent, and mrs. jansen took mason to see snow day. i'll see i if can get a hump outta her
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    i'll see if i can get a......

    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Thor, SSG is an all-ages site, so we have to keep it clean to keep from getting in trouble with certain parental watchdog groups. Since we have several forum users that are under 13, we are pretty strict about certain words and phrases as we don't really want to be closed down. So you'll have to pardon my previous edits of your posts, but this is a situation we have to keep on top of and cannot allow.
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    I've been "summoned"

    in case you missed, just thought i'd call your attn to comments on mamet in posts 23 & 82 of the Hump, made partly to get your reactions film students' thoughts are always interesting to hear- i'm tryin to get warstar to chime in for the same reason
    I haven't seen State and Main yet (correction, I've seen 5 minutes here and there on cable). Mamet's not a striking director in my opinion, but I dig his dialogue something fierce. It's not realistic, people don't talk that way, but it's so over the top and stylized that it's . I remember seeing the trailer for the Heist the first time and thinking "This sound's like David Mamet dialogue" and sure enough, his name popped up on the screen soon after. Without his trademark writing style, I don't think he would amount to much as a director. He often uses safe, boring shots, rather than angles and what not that make you go hmm? a ha! Like watching a filmed stage play (which is where he got his start, so it's all good.) It is a visual medium after all, so I think directors should take advantage of it. Like Bay for example, most people think he's a hack, but I like his frenetic style. I kind of wish he'd break away from it, it gets repetitive after a while, but he has fun with it and runs with it, so good for him. There's good and bad that comes from being a "name " director after only a few films. Bay is one. Kevin Smith, David Fincher, Tarantino, P.T. Anderson, Wes Anderson etc. are others. Pre conceived notions of what their films will and should be about can jump up and bite them in the buttocks. Is it better to make a splash like these guys? or to crank out not so noticeable, but still good movies in a variety of genres, honing your craft, reaching the plateau of auteurism more subtlely? Like I said towards the beginning of this thread, I enjoy these guys' work, but I'll be more impressed when Tarantino and Fincher do romantic comedies...well. And Kevin Smith can put out a great big budget actioner that doesn't rely on fart humor. Until then....

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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    Thor, SSG is an all-ages site, so we have to keep it clean to keep from getting in trouble with certain parental watchdog groups. Since we have several forum users that are under 13, we are pretty strict about certain words and phrases as we don't really want to be closed down. So you'll have to pardon my previous edits of your posts, but this is a situation we have to keep on top of and cannot allow.
    no problem, i understand.


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