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    no problemo, jeddah

    VT - did you ever receive the box o' videotapes back?
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    Arrow you Betcha By Golly Wow they've arrived (oh wait, that's stylistics not delfonics)

    but why would i give you Guvv about Tarkin yer time? takin my time gettin to flix is a luxury i've always appreciated, and they weren't needed here any particular time anyway. but i'm still happy to take yer handout xtras but gee, you can't Give away your various files canya? oh well, i'll still be happy to get yer BwayDam & FlirtDisast humps glad to see you remembered to send em mediarate & save yerself a few $$ they've just made the hyperjump into local library's videpartment
    thanx 4 the Bump jdah, you Hump separated at birth: hugh jackman & jeremy northam as i'll make clear in a forthcomin Hump, Jackie's my fave tarantino, and btw it borrowed "across 110th street" from womack's soundtrack to a film of the same name b'jr showed me opening few mins of Swordfish, it looked promising but he didn't show me more cuz he agrees w/you that it turns dumb on that note, did someone say check-yer-brain-at-the-door flix? as pledged to bc3 in post 48 above, i think this hump can fill That bill
    brain candy- kidsinthehall's fun farce about an orwellian pharmocompany's lethal Happy Pill
    bowfinger (steve martin, heather graham, velourrum, yoda dir.)- fun tale of an low-budget producer's intrepid scheme to cast a big-budget action star without his knowledge eddie murphy's turns here as both the chris-tuckeresque primadonna and his duck-like, lettermanesque twin, along with his work on the PJs tv cartoon, mark his return from comedy mediocrity
    shallow hal (jason alexander)- the farrelly brothers' fun romcom about hilarious jack black's hypnosis (via scary tony robbins) into seeing fat gwynny paltry as thin gwynny paltry (gee, What an improvement ) always fun to see joe "protomobster" viterelli and yummy standup laura kightlinger (let's see Her get a shot at playin jackie o in one of the 3 million tv movies about same)
    saving silverman (jason biggs)- hilarious turns by jack black, steve zahn, yummy amanda peet & FullMetalJacket drillsarge lee ermey in an otherwise formulaic farce about kidnapping an uberbeeyotch to spare their p-whipped pal a life of connubial hell
    my 5 wives- rodney dengarfield's googly-eyed polygamy farce; think of it as Back To School's retarded, trashy cousin with hilariously sputtering dice clay and yummy gwen deakins
    american pie 2- uh, yeah, whatEver
    outside providence- i'm gonna save y'all the trouble of seein this predictable teencom by quoting its two funny alec baldwin lines (which also highlight its trailer): (1) "makin sex is like chinese dinnah; it ain't ovah til yuh both get ya cookie. remember i sed dat" and (2) when son asks "what's prep school?" alec replies "it's ta PREPare ya. . .for not gettin ya neck broke. . . by Me" there, now don't say the Hump never did yall no favors
    in the army now- harmless, mild fun; why should the world hate pauly shore so much? with da grier, lori petty and always-fun andy dick
    a night at the roxbury- fun, harmless feature-length expansion of snl's eurotrash-clubby futabi brothers (will ferrell & chris kattan) sketch with abuncha cameos and multimixes of their mindless, head-boppin house anthem (which you Know you dig ), haddaway's "what is love"
    josie & the *****cats (tara reid, alan cumming)- mildly amusing, obnoxiously overproduced (which may have been intentional but so what) satire of teen conformity & fickle consumerism. missi pyle was yummier in Galaxy Quest, but flik also "reunites" rachel leigh cook & supercool villain parker posey (former played young version of latter in House Of Yes)
    jay & silent bob strike back- fun adventures of kevvy smith's slacker duo racing to block hollywood's unauthorized exploitation of their stoner personae lotta cameos including always-fun will ferrell, luke & leia.
    mallrats (affleck, doherty) director kevin smith's fun, mall-set schemings of a coupla jiltees to win back their gals w/the help of above two stoners
    clerks- fun compilation of short-lived tv cartoon version of hevvy kevvy's indieflick characters. gotta love when it mutates into an anime spoof, asshead
    south park: bigger, longer & uncut- clever, hilarious, epic musical of the cable cartoon; the soundtrack's prolly worth it for that syncopated fart song alone
    george of the jungle- kindafun disneyfied tarzan tale w/winning brendan fraser & yummy, squeaktoy-voiced leslie mann
    p.s. to jt: i spose since the Hump's singlehandedly responsible for the 10zillionpercent jump in non-sw-flik tawk here at ssg, it's only fair it should get kicked outta gendiscuss & shoved into this new "other movies" forum- even Though it means now i gotta regularly check yet aNother forum
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    Hey, this section was MADE for all you film lovers (that's how SirSteve tried to sell me on it anyway )

    As for the South Park:BLU soundtrack, it is almost worth it, but the 2nd half of the album is all trash that wasn't in the film by name recording artists "inspired" by the film's songs. I wanted to VomiT by the end, even though the late Joe C.'s rendition of "Kyle's Momma" is almost catchy, despite Kid Rock's influence.
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    this is probably not a news scoop for you, VT, but:


    Rob Morrow (TV's Northern Exposure), Sam Robards (A.I Artificial Intelligence) and Mae Whitman (TV's State of Grace) have been signed to star in Henry Jaglom's Shopping.

    The project, which is budgeted at about $3.5 million, is slated to begin shooting this month. The film is number three in the director's "women trilogy," which includes 1990's Eating and 1994's Babyfever.

    Jaglom, along with wife Victoria Foyt (Random Acts), wrote Shopping. The film stars Foyt as a clothing designer/shop owner. Juliet Landau (Ed Wood) and Jennifer Grant (TV's Movie Stars) round out the cast which also includes Lee Grant (Dr. T. and the Women), Pamela Bellwood (TV's Dynasty), Cynthia Sikes (Arthur 2: On the Rocks), Marcia Strassman (the Honey I Shrunk the Kids films) and Robert Romanus (Carlo's Wake).
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    Arrow spblu sountrack caveat noted, jt

    swaffy: actually i didn't know about Shopping, but the same day you posted above notice jag's Festival In Cannes opened here in town- not that i rushed to see it, even If cary grant's yummy daughter jennifer's in it
    since ep2 toys came out this week, i spose the Hump should acknowledge same with an all-genre batch (lotta ds9 cameos in these). was gonna wait till aotc opening week to post this but let's face it, the toys'll likely be as big or bigger a deal to us than the flik itself:
    toys (barry levinson dir.)- sardonic pomo art direction, fun joan cusack & yummy robin wright are small consolation for sittin thru yet another muddled, mediocre robin williams vehicle, kid
    tron and st:tmp director's cut dvds- tmp has been re-edited to tauten up pace, not that it helped much (the previous draggy pace had been one of its inadvertantly-telling guilty pleasures), some sfx were enhanced, usually not for the better (seeing entire vger was fun but anitclimactic, old vulcan and sanfran were cooler, & old, laughable red alert klaxon was more fun ). but the rainbow-&-stars, disco-era tv comms were an absolute, time-warpin Hoot (when's the last time a studio used heady copy like "it will stimulate your senses, challenge your intellect, and alter your view of the future. . . by taking you there"? ) but an inexcusably murky sound & picture mix for a dvd meanwhile, tron features a deleted yori apartment scene and an art gallery w/Lotsa great moebius & syd mead prelim design works i've never seen elsewhere
    trekkies- kinda fun docu about the fan subculture, but coulda been hella better if they hadn't pulled their punches (prolly cuz it's paramount-sanctioned) & Really made fun of we trekfans, cuz let's face it, we can get purty goony
    mars attacks (nicholson, close, bening, brosnan, devito, tim burton dir.)- badly-paced but fun bigscreen adaptation of the graphic trading card series, w/amidala, jack black & yummy, beehived alien chik lisa marie
    planet of the apes (markymark, mc duncan, tim roth, burton dir.)- soso snarl&gruntfest updating the old flik series, w/heston cameo, always-fun david warner & paul giamatti, inappropriately oblique climax and yummy hbc, thankfully recognizable under her monkeybangs
    cats & dogs (goldblum, voices of lovitz, sarandon, alec baldwin & joey pants) kindafun, global-spy war-of-the-housepets premise, w/salome "founder" jens as the voice of dog hq
    babe- fun, engaging tawkin-farm-animals epic, w/jim "zefram" cromwell and voices of hugo "Matrix" weaving and the gal who was marty in The Critic cartoon doin the title voice
    chicken run (mel gibson voice)- fun, engaging, claymated uk tawkin-farm-animals epic
    rocketman (harland williams)- harmless goofball-in-space farce w/bill "section 31" sadler
    armageddon (willis, affleck, billybob, mc duncan, owen lars wilson, buscemi)- the chrysler building visual made for fun, surreal viewin during 9-11 week, but you otherwise can't help but root for the meteor in this lame testosterone strut i'm still glad they made an armadillo micromachine though
    spy kids (banderas, alan cumming, cheech) maybe not as fun as director robert rodriguez' El Mariachi (and it looks like it got its gadgetech from the same place as Cats & Dogs above), but has yummy teri hatcher
    mom & dad save the world (lovitz, garr, eric idle)- you expect this to be a mindless, harmless, overdesigned tim burton/EarthGirls clone, & you are not disappointed features unlikely romantic pairing of kathy ireland & wallace "grand nagus" shawn
    what planet are you from (shandling, bening, kingsley, kinnear, john goodman, mike nichols dir.)- harmless, kindafun man/woman-relaysh farce about an alien assigned to impregnate human chix; w/cool, spacey carter burwell themes and yummy linda fiorentino
    what dreams may come (sciorra, max von sydow, show cuba the money)- an intriguing premise, maxwell-parrishy art direction and yummy rosalind "keiko" chao are small consolation for endurin this treacly robin williams romance-novel
    george lucas in love- kindafun, short Shakespeare In Love spoof for the sweek set
    galaxy quest (tim allen, sigourney, alan rickman,- superfun, relishingly-played spoof of trekkie fandom, genre cliches & celeb egos, w/yummy alien chik missi pyle
    wild wild west (will smith, kkline, branagh, barry sonnenfeld dir.)- inventive, zesty (why did people hate this one so much? just cuzza smith's end-rap song? ) big-screen adaptation of the tv show, w/cool megaspider visuals and yummy salma hayek
    np: elfman's Dick Tracy cd i recently found for $.99
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    why did people hate this one so much?
    funny, I was thinking the same thing about What Dreams May Come. I saw it in the theatre, and was very caught up in it. I don't know if "enjoyed" is the right word, since it was really a sad movie, but I was definitely not disappointed. Hmmmm.
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    I guess I'll revive this with an E2 review.

    AOTC was such a better film than I thought it would be. I thought I'd get real bored in the first hour because of earlier sayings from people but I only got bored during the scenes with Padme and Anakin horsin' around in the field and those other love scenes just between them.

    The Coruscant scenes are very awesome and neatly well done, theres also plenty of very well tossed-in humor.

    Kamino and Geonosis scenes were excellently done, I thought the actors handled the having to interact with empty space on blue/green screen sets was done quite well, it truly does not give the feel that they're not talking to anyone.

    Yoda vs. Dooku was GREAT, it was quite realistic and not like I thought it would be - I was picturing Kermit vs. Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island duel.

    I'm thinking by the time this actually finishes it's theater runs, it'll have earned more than Episode 1 - and hopefully earned more than anything else. Definitely can't wait for the DVD, which will be out alongside the VHS unlike how we had to wait for the E1 DVD.

    Btw, thanks to VT, I'm now the proud owner of a complete carded collection of the basic Power of the Jedi figures. :happy:
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    Thumbs up Cloneisode 2: the Hump of the Spoilers

    short, 1st-viewing impressions:
    -feels like it's gonna take about 15 viewins to properly absorb this one, it's so dense, so sprawling, so heady. many of the criticisms i've read of are valid re its shortcomings as a Film, but as a painting, or a Drug (which is how i experienced it), it's a supercool, marvelous, heady trip, one whose strong, dark flavors linger with me & carried me over nearly all its weak spots & then some. if anything makes me finally give in & buy a dvd player it'll be this aside from that, i did notice:
    -while some of the edits, the scene-to-scene transitions, served the pacing & tension well, others felt odd & distracting: mostly between the big dusty clonebattle shots & the quieter, character-focused moments but also elsewhere; for example, when ani went after mama in tusken camp they swithced to geonosis before i realized it, and for a moment i thought the odd tower jutting into the night sky was a tusken landmark- until i saw obiwan walkin into its base
    -while much of the geonosis scenes were too busy or dulled to be aesthetically satisfying, its factory scenes were nicely coherent
    -ani sounded surprised when nat declared her love for him, and he wasn't the only one; her motivation wasn't adequately set up, we seemed to have missed the part where she developed these feelins for him
    -shmi's "now i'm complete" remark was too vague to substitute for the needed "something told me you were coming so i waited; now i can die, unnnnhhh" as it was, it played a bit too conveniently.
    -if jorge couldn't think of anything for babyboba to do besides make the same petulant scowls & gleeful s******s over & over (beavis & boba?), it mighta been better it he remained as laconic as he did in the orig trilogy
    -the coruschase/barscene w/tonydaniels cameo made up for everything Blade Runner was missing that zam character was supercool, but i still ain't gonna buy her figure
    -when yoda stood his ground he embodied power convincingly, but when he started jumpin around like a mouse the theater was laughing, half at its absurdity and half at delighted surprise that they actually managed to make his gymnastics halfway plausible
    the geonosian topguy's outfit looked very klingon chancellor and gettin outta the council tower was the best thing that ever happened to badass mace
    -think i'll go read my brother's copy of the novel to clear up some of my confusions now (Who ordered the start of clone production ten years previous?). meanwhile, tomorrow morning i might go see it on the only theater in town offering digital projection

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    Yoda's fighting reminded me of the Tazmanian Devil with a lightsabre, but I loved when he did that sorta bruce lee-ish hand gesture - the whole theatre went wild when he did that!

    Everyone in the various SSG threads has already dissected the film to the Nth degree, so I'll just say that I liked it a lot. I think it is either the best, or 2nd best SW to-date, story wise. TESB may be equally good in that respect. SFX were, of course, the best so far. The sound was just phenomenal!

    Lucas has really set himself (and us) up for an epic in the next film, if it's going to fill the void between this point and a reasonable time leading into EP4 ANH.

    Poor little Boba picking up his "daddy's" helmet-head!
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    Lose Dexter, please

    Well, I decided I would post afterall

    I too loved it but I don't see the reason for it being elevated as one of the best, where EP1 is shunned..

    As VT has said, it was fantastically complex and as a film suceeds less than as a "drug". I can't fault anyone in it and although Hayden had his unconvincing moments, I thought they were tempered with some fantastic expressions and good acting - I like the way he was at times almost bi-polar.

    I would like to lose the Dexter scene. It was too MIB for me. Sadly, it also sited or locationised the SW universe, firmly in America for that scene, whereas I've always enjoyed the timelessness and placeless image of the SW's locations. Those kind of diners, waitresses etc are particular to the States. Even though Theed was strongly Renaissance (and filmed in part in Italy), it was still anonymous enough and more Naboo than Europe Did you notice the almost identical camerawork and ambience between Boss Nass and Dexter; "....the planet coooore" and; " deep your pocket book is"?

    VT said
    .......for example, when ani went after mama in tusken camp they swithced to geonosis before i realized it, and for a moment i thought the odd tower jutting into the night sky was a tusken landmark- until i saw obiwan walkin into its base
    Me too! Except I still thought it was Anakin when Obi was looking down the minarets and in the Cathedral-like hall. I was thinking "Oh wow, so the TRs are this cloistered semi-religious order" and was looking forward to all this added backstory of the TRs...

    More will come to me with successive views (seen it twice) but I'm not really that interested in too much discourse. I got fed up defending the fact that I liked Jar Jar and loved EP1 last time round.

    ps Absolutely loved Palpatines disingenuous lies "I love democracy"; Jango's Sonic bombs noise and the WW2 bomber sound of the first (superior) Senator ship at the beginning.


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