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    Red face me, i always knew deep down swaffy had the rilins in him ;)

    btw i can recommend a censor-safe, cinema-related curseword substitute, which makes reference to a certain overhyped starlet: "GODDEMI MOORE!!"

    swaffy: "checked the local rental store & library"
    -ehhhxcellent! if i can pique y'all's curiosity enough to get you to want to actually check into some of these flix (& then we can chitchat em up here), so much the better! (OPIE & andyville? personally i prefer EDIE & andyville ) i may have a partial solution to your gummoville blues; i continue to score various vhs flix i dig supercheap, for donation to a nearby library. if you wish, we can start up a VTape club, in that i can send em to you first so you can watch, then you send em to someone else here who might wanna see, etc etc, till full circle, either returned to me or sent straight to said library if might be interested lmk
    re the quextion i posed in my High Art amazon review, i've since decided that sheedy, unable to choose between her loyalties to either of the broads she cared about, killed Herself; concur?
    plz elaborate why you loathe owen ever seen Bottle Rocket? lotta fun, & dented-putty-nose was great in it i agree that, though i enjoyed him in Boogie Nights & 3 Kings, we should always refer to wahlberg as marky mark, now & forever :happy:

    gsj: "the secret to peace and serenity in ones life is a black and decker with a 3/8's bit"
    -i'll have to pass that lil tip onto b'jr haven't seen Requiem yet but lookin forward to it cuz Pi rocked! imo you read too much into alleged antisemitic subtext, a la alvy singer ("he distinctly said 'jew'; i asked if he'd seen the new bergman & he said 'no, Jew?' " ); never occured to me, cuz money's power, & who Doesn't like power? as i recall, what i really want you & swaffy to see is High Fidelity, cuz of the music & mixtape fussiness

    "anyone who thinks heroin is chic"
    -idunno if heroin's chic, but some of the people who Do it Certainly are

    rt: "amateur film critic (as we all are)"
    -yeah, but some of us are more amateurish than others right outta the gate, dissent; excellent :happy: feel free to elaborate about these posturing 14-yr-old gummoshockers (i saw korine on letterman once; interestingly, he didn't come across as too much Older than 14 fun interview though)
    not sure what "safety" has to do with connoisseurship, but no need to cite filmschool credentials, we all diss each other's tastes here regardless anyhoo, as a film student, what influences do you like to draw from?

    jdah: no worries, just cuz I'm not a big horror guy don't mean you can't discuss 'em here. who knows, you could probably even write up Porn if you could figure out a sufficiently discreet & clinical way to do it plz elaborate re your distaste for grant, he's never bugged me much. i keep confusing Bridget Jones Diary w/Princess Diaries
    if "quatre-vingt-dix-neuf" is french, and "neunante-neuf" is belgian, is "neuf-neuf" french poodleian?
    np: 99 luftballoons
    tip: the Bravo cable channel is not a dependable option for catching flix: b'jr & i caught High Art & it'd been all cut up i suspect indifilmchannel's the same story, esp. if they have commercial breaks
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    re: VT's "we can start up a VTape club"

    --sounds peachy - just tell me how much I need to ante-up.

    re: Owen Wilson - no, I didn't see bottle rocket, but lately he seems to be getting a lot of work (Jeddah, OW is the soldier trapped behind enemy lines in the latest Hackman war flick). He lost me forever in a movie I think was called 'nowhere man' about a serial killer who poisons his vics. I didn't care for him before I saw that, but since then I've just wanted to hurl at the very sight of his fake yellow hair and malden-esque proboscis. I may give 'rocket' a try, or I may not. Just don't know if I can take a whole 'nuther OW movie. We'll see....
    (er, would it be too much trouble if I were to ask that, when Wilson meets his VMorrow/TZone fate that he be standing side-by-side with that annoying sumbeeyotch kid in the Dell PC commercials??)
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Veetoire mon vichysoise And you said you don't get French, now you're trilingual

    Hugh another one on my plane (a sick fantasy my bro and I have been cultivating for years).....Robbie Williams is on there too and they both have something in common (the latter actually being common). HG has no star quality, has not really come near to divinity (apart from perhaps a brief missed encouter in Maurice which in itself was a rather drab production of HRH Forster's work) yet has somehow managed to garner a stars image with what seems to be the same character in every film. Of course I wouldn't hold this against Jack Nicholson or Christopher Walken who always maintain a lot of themselves in their roles, and even the recipe-acting of Will Smith has more quality to it than HGs - even though he definitely is the same person in every movie I've seen him in, Bagger or not. There is a Way To Do Things and I don't like those who haven't done it. So where does Robbie fit in to this (if you care). Because he is a parvenu, has his songs written for him, will not spend more than 3 takes on a vocal and acts spoiled. Whether you see this as right or wrong, I hate thankless people. They both come across as such.

    Swaffy, thanks. The powers that be contrive to keep the pond uncrossable in some ways, their secret weapon this time being NTSC/PAL. Oh well, to quote an erudite board member; plus ca change, plus ce la meme chose BTW there was quite an echo to my question, don't know how that happened.

    It's always been a myth to me why Nena's German release of her hit 99 red balloons translates to 99 air balloons. Probably something to do with warblimps I wonder if she's shaving yet?


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    Lightbulb jdah: in fact i Don't capeesh french. . .

    . . .other than what little i've osmosized from francoflix & moebius books; & i got the "neuf-neuf" from a gag comedienne joy behar told about a decade ago :\
    i saw Maurice a few years back- a merch-iv production as i recall, made before their patented, high-tone Room w/a View sheen made their arthouse rep is it that you fear hg may've become the quintessential cinemabrit to yank audiences? seen him in Mickey Blue Eyes?
    & i still like rw's "millenium" single cuz it interpolates the YOLT bond theme (john barry wasn't zactly taken by the homage )
    btw said library recently acquired a fancy "universal dub" vcr that converts world vid formats (ntsc to pal etc). if you or bc3 ask real nice-like, i Might be bothered to take the time to convert certain content for y'all
    to answer quextion: ow resumay btw all, i currently seek Bottle Rocket soundtrack for ~$3 +shipping, so plz keep eyes open

    swaffy: Minus Man was the one; i enjoyed it as i recall so far the esoteriflix i've acquired for donation are Swingers, Daytrippers, Party Girl, House of Yes, Happiness, Venice/Venice, Opposite of Sex, Flirting W/Disaster, Bullets Over Broadway, Celebrity, jaglom's Eating & Big Picture (all $1 or less an economical Some Prefer Cake remains my elusive holy grail as it's on the small wolfe video label.) lmk which if any interest. also Broadway Damage (also on the wolfe label- just got lucky i guess :happy: ), Hudsucker Proxy, Clockwatchers, Wigstock, Schizopolis & I Shot Andy Warhol but've long since donated these. however, since i'm on good terms w/that department i might be able to arrange a loanout if interested in any. also, a pal recently gave me Guffman but library already has that, so if you cover VTclub shipping i'll enclose Guff for you to keep if interested
    i hope to work into any plan we come up with a chance to show jt V/V, as i've been buggin him to see it for years cuz of its LA & film-industry milieu
    np: barry's Dutchman theme
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    anyhoo, as a film student, what influences do you like to draw from?
    Well, much to the chagrine of all my documentary/art film professors, I firmly believe that the film industry is just that: An industry. Film makers can preach and moan and wail and cheaply talk all they about it being an "ART" but they are getting paid, the studios are expecting results, the shareholders want answers, and the whole thing pulls in more money than any other industry in the world. It employs everyone from StevenSpeilberg down the counter jockey at BlockBuster and the janitor at the local cineplex sweeping up your popcorn crumbs. That said, I am getting into the industry to entertain others. My influences are anybody who can make me walk out of a theatre making be believe I didn't waste my cash. Be it George Lucas, Michael Bay, David Mamet, Darren Aronofsky, whoever. Every fimmaker has good films and horrendous ones. Look at Ridley scott. In the last two years he made Gladiator (excellent) and hannibal (atrocious) I try to take notes from the Gladiators and disregard the mistakes in the Hannibals. Being completely honest, when asked to fill in the question "I will be the next __________." I wish I could say Speilberg or Lucas, but in truth I'll probably be the next Brett Ratner or . i know i won't be the next P.T. Anderson or Todd Solondze. Possibly the Next Howard hawks. now theres something to strive for...

    The best movies I saw this year were Memento, Moulin Rouge, Jay and Silent Bob, Life as a House. Ocean's 11 was great. Harry Potter was too. i expect great things from LOTR.

    Owen Wilson plays himself in every film. if he were to break away from his own stereotype, I think he could be a great actor. So far, he hasn't, but I see the potential.

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    Trying to translate most of this thread from vulcantouch-ese I think I've finally figured out that it is about films we've enjoyed between Ep1 and 2. Right?

    Fight Club: very thought provoking, even though I didn't completely buy into the surprise identity of Tyler Durden upon first viewing. It made a lot more sense the second and third time around. My rating: 1/2 out of 4

    American Beauty: Wonderful film! I can totally relate to Lester's feeling imprisoned by his job and family. This is one of those films where I watched the ending first (a friend was playing it in his room when I stopped by for a visit) then felt compelled to check out the entire film; but the film gives away the ending in the opening monologue so it's no big surprise.

    Snatch: Just watched this one a few days ago. Very funny and interestingly made. 1/2

    Gladiator: Amazing film. I watched this one first while I was in Korea and I think the theme of a man being separated from his family and seeking revenge for their death was felt very strongly by all the married men who were also away from their wives for a one year tour of duty in Korea. I felt the pain of separation from loved ones also and I think it's a testament to Russel Crowe's talent as an actor.

    These are the only films I can think of right now, between Ep1 and 2, that moved me in some way. I hope LOTR will take it's place among these soon.
    "To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence… When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up." - C.S. Lewis

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    How anybody can put "Michael Bay" in the same paragraph with "Steven Spielberg", "David Mamet", and "George Lucas"... hell, even in the same one with the "counter jockey at Blockbuster"; Michael Bay is Hollywood's biggest prostitute. I swear, this guy must have been sitting on Hollywood and Vine wearing a gold lamé jumpsuit and a sign that said "will make any action film for $100 million" when Disney drove by. Bay is a total hack who's taken movies to a new low with his style of turning any bad story into trash that looks like a 2 hour commercial/music video.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Originally ranting by JediTricks
    How anybody can put "Michael Bay" in the same paragraph with "Steven Spielberg", "David Mamet", and "George Lucas"... hell, even in the same one with the "counter jockey at Blockbuster"; Michael Bay is Hollywood's biggest prostitute. I swear, this guy must have been sitting on Hollywood and Vine wearing a gold lamé jumpsuit and a sign that said "will make any action film for $100 million" when Disney drove by. Bay is a total hack who's taken movies to a new low with his style of turning any bad story into trash that looks like a 2 hour commercial/music video.
    Tell us what you really think JT. I was bringing up his name to make a point that his filming style is different from Speilberg, Mamet, etc.. good or bad, you can tell when you are watching a Michael Bay flick. His visual style and editing are very distinct. And he puts butts in the seats. Truth be told, if somebody asked me if I wanted to be the next Bay or the next Woody Allen, I'd go with Bay... I'm not saying the guys a cinematic genius or anything, but Woody Allen's tired and repetitive and plus, he stole Best picture from Star Wars back in '77 and I'll never forgive him for that.

    BigB! Excellent films all!

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    IMO, Woody has his good films and his bad, and most of his films have a lot of good AND bad in them, but not even Allen's Annie Hall can make Michael Bay, former commercial and music video director, look any better as a director. How does this guy sleep at night after making garbage like "The Rock", "Bad Boys", and "Armageddon" (a title I honestly doubt the guy can spell). I enjoy "popcorn" films as much as anybody here, but this guy must have a sweet deal going with Beelzebub (and no, not the one that keeps trying to "generously" take our SWMMs for us) for his ADD-fueling career. Michael Bay's movies make "Last Action Hero" look like "Lawrence of Arabia" - the guy puts out cinematic vomit that the American public seems to lap up like suckers simply because the movie budget and ad budget would each make Bill Gates blush. And he's turned the past 6 years of Hollywood imitators further into mush-minded mimics who can't keep a single shot going for more than 10 seconds in fear of audiences actually getting some clue of the wafer-thin plot and mindless violence (not to mention ridiculous camera angles and over-hyped, over-pumped soundtracks) and actually deciding to think for themselves. Bay has done for the cinema what McDonalds has done for dining.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Oh c'mon....Last Action Hero? That's stretchin' the credibility of your argument, JT. But the Woody Allen/Michael Bay thing made me think of something I read once about directors getting trapped in a niche and how great it would be to see them direct something totally out of the blue. I think the example they gave was Woody Allen directing the Armageddon sequel. Could Allen do it? What about a Steven Speilberg raunchy teen comedy? Or David Fincher doing a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan bubbly romance? Could Bay direct a low budget family drama about alcoholism? Could he use long takes? Could George Lucas direct an R-rated film full of sex and violence? I think this would really separate the great directors from the mediocre and crap ones. If nothing else, it would be "interesting" to see the results. What other directors can you see doing something other than their usual schtick? Kevin Smith? Todd (ugh. creepy man.) Solondze? oooh! The possibilities are endless... Throw out some suggestions guys!


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