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    Is it a case of WT&EMTA do you think?
    or perhaps PFTA? where p = peverse and F is plural [j/k]


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    re: Jeddah's "PFTA"... for me!
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Anybody else check out Vanilla Sky yet? I must say, pretty good for a crime drama that turns into a love drama that turns into a sci-fi thriller. Plus, I am glad to see that filmmakers have ceased "protecting us" by erasing the WTC towers from the NYC skyline.
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    Vanilla Sky hit my bottom five for the year by being a pretentious "it was all a dream" movie that lacked any real emotional weight for the characters (like i'm supposed to empathize with a billionaire playboy who gets his pretty boy face all goofed up and has to choose between horse face penelope cruz and Cameron Diaz) Tom completely hammed up the entire performance (especially with his elephant man riff in the night club) and Penelope Cruz is not only not a decent actress she is a beaky, overbit horse face who causes me gag reflex to kick in when ever she's on screen. And whoever didn't figure out the lame cryo freezing ending by the second time the stupid frozen dog showed up on screen seriously needs to watch more movies. I really appreciated the subtle ways Cameron Crowe beat us senseless with THAT little "dream" clue. Jason lee pretty much played himself and Kurt Russell seemed to be slumming in this picture (either that or Crowe picked him because he bore a faint resemblance to Gregory peck...) The only saving graces were Diaz's neurotic/psychopath performance (and her dazzling smile!) and the aforementioned WTC, which honestly held my attention more than anything else being said in that confusing, muddled, end ol' jar Jar would say...PEEYOUSA!

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    re: Jeddah's "Hey Swaffster, I ain't never seen you so riled!" seems to be getting better again. Back online at a decent speed. Email address is now updated in my profile. Happy holidays to all.
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Red face speak 4 yerself swaffy: ain't much wonderful bout Mah twistedness ;)

    btw, maybe u din't get vtape club mssg cuz of yer email trubbles, but: see post #14 above (& add Trees Lounge to list of availables)

    rt: "like i'm supposed to empathize with"
    -from how you describe vs, i'm not sure empathy's the point as much as Vicarious Thrilldom, i.e. most people won't ever experience the Ride of being a billionaire pretty-boy, much less the Fall from said grace

    bb: i'm sure i'll see vs someday even if it does turn out as rt sez (i tend to have a higher tolerance for artistic pretension; i often find it kinda enjoyable actually :happy:

    jdah: "you receive comfort like cold porridge"
    -if by "comfort" you mean "undeserved compliments", guilty after all, what need have i of unearned compliments? i never fail to toot my own horn ad nauseum when i Have earned it

    "I shall have to include (in your package)"
    -WHAATT?? you mean you Still haven't sent?? well maybe when you get done playin alphabet footsie w/swaffy (above) you might get aroun2 it??

    "Be efficient or she'll be disappointed"
    -better her than she; ME be efficient?? SCHNELLL on that package, SCHNELLL!!!
    i getta kick outta liotta whenever he's onscreen my jan 2 dogma hump: superfun catholic irreverence which casts alanis morrisette as an end-theme-singing god (better save me a seat in hell ). delish inside jokes made at the expense of Home Alone director chris columbus; salma hayek & linda fiorentino help this flick rival X-Men for having the most babeticious cast of '99 howard shore's surprisingly strong score (he hadn't impressed me much elsewhere) almost puts one in the mind of an ecclesiastical Men In Black (i.e. elfman with church bells)
    now for a fresh batch o Hump, a selection inspired partly by a current go-round me & jt been enjoyin
    bamboozled- an airs-sporting tv producer(damon wayans)'s attempt to get canned by his ridiculous wigger boss (michael rappaport) by developing a blackface minstrel variety hour backfires when america embraces it a fruitful, fascinating, subversive premise writer/director spike lee handles with deft, inventive, bouncin humor till about 3/4 thru when an overly-oppressive black blues vibe begins to weigh things down. thankfully, the finale is satisfyingly fatalistic with a subtle, effective terence blanchard score and sharp, yummy jada pinkett
    bulworth- a disillusioned congressman attempts political (& literal) suicide by putting out a contract on himself and provoking the black community, only to end up being embraced by them and galvanizing a rebirth of honesty features ennio morricone's cool spider-web-plucky assassin motif, and unconvincing bubblehead halle berry like Bamboozled, a daring, hilarious, incisive ride, but a perfect illustration of the principle jt & i are currently debating, in that all of you Heard of this film cuz of who wrote/directed/headlined it (warren beatty); by contrast, Bamboozled didn't even get a denver release (a special one-time screening had to be arranged by our local jazz station several Months later )
    black & white (brooke shields, claudia schiffer, marla maples, ben stiller)- fun, incisive, visceral pseudo-documentary examining why rich manhattan wigger-teens be hangin wit da harlem homies. with annoying bijou phillips, yummy stacy edwards and a hilarious, hazardous exchange between mike tyson and a gay robert downey jr
    da projects- what the hell?? it's been 8 months since i saw this, so i went to to refresh me on the particulars, and it's not even Listed! just a Nutha zample of what i bin sayin to jt about the man keepin us down a mildly interesting, b&w indie production as i recall, not as good as Just Another Girl On The I.R.T but with briefly interesting electronic score passages by byron fludd & derrick simpson-
    np: paul young, "no parlez"
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    Thumbs down and ponderous font changes are for hacks? :p

    sounds like utinni's just bitter from wastin 2 hours of his life watchin Majestic (am i the only one who LOATHES Majestic's cloying, post-9-11-profiteering ads, with carrey & director darabont invoking jimmystew & capra repeatedly til yew just wanna PYUKE??
    so utinni thinks flix should make us richer or wiser? flix are art, and art is about pleasure. like duchamp said, the only thing one can expect from art besides pleasure is that it occasionally helps you think a bit more clearly
    np: philip glass & foday musa suso, "music for the screens"

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    Red face gee, i guess i Am the only one :p

    well Those certainly provoked a lotta comment (note: post #37 above was in reply to a since-retracted post by utinni (#36.5?) which said, amidst various font adjustments, "films are for fools; they don't make you richer or wiser" ) anyhoo, since seemingly everyone churns out endoyear retrospectives, i too'll take one final look back at some prev. Hump highlights (Humpheights?), before VenTuring into all new Humpterritory come '02:
    unhook the stars (marisa tomei, gena rowlands, depardieu, nick cassvettes dir.)- delightful, unexpectedly-rewarding friendships between a genteel empty-nester, the brash unmarried mother down the street & her toddler son. even jake lloyd wasn't bad without the overbearing lucas around to badger him into emulating his personal facial tics (if you've seen george in interviews, you can tell where lloyd's treacly, overearnest anakin-mannequin expressions came from ) & though nick's old man john retains the arthouse rep, based on this flick & She's So Lovely i'd say i already prefer sonny-boy
    waiting for guffman (cath o'hara, eugene levy, fred willard, yummy parker posey, chris guest star/dir.) hilarious mockumentary about a midwest-smalltown musical mounted by stagestruck hamateurs
    in the company of men (neil labute dir.)- absorbing, viciously fun "gender vengeance" conspiracy featuring modernist visuals and yummy stacy edwards but be warned one of the main characters (aaron eckhart) is such a true-to-life fratboy ******* it leaves a Strong lingering taste not many will enjoy
    the opposite of sex (christina ricci, lisa kudrow, lyle lovett)- hellafun first-person romp about an amoral teen who ruthlessly adapts her personal agenda thru myriad relationships features mason daring's bossa nova score
    the pompatus of love (jon "ducky" cryer, richard schenkman dir.)- superfun, breezy ensemble romcom about 4 nyc goombahs and their wimmin, including yummy mia sara, kristen wilson and kristin scott thomas
    broadway damage- entertaining romcom about 2 nyc gays both pining over the wrong guys, and their flighty straight galpal who "stalks" mag editor tina brown. even the soggy, cloying, broadway-ballady soundtrack can't wilt the lively appeal of the characters & visuals
    watermelon woman- writer/director/actor cheryl dunye's autobio"documentary" about her search for info on an obscure 30's black lesbian actress she idolizes. controversial twist at the end, plus a cameo by an unsuspecting camille paglia packed w/happnin sounds from ~8 years ago such as vanessa daou's "in the black forest" and masters at work's "i can't get no sleep"
    wigstock- gaw-juss, superfun documentary on the annual nyc dragqueen fest. features performances by deee-lite, crystal waters, rupaul & original tunes like the cawfee-tawk-sounding "it's nyachural" (included on mixtape i made gsj )
    hurlyburly (sean penn, kevin spacey, gary shandling, chazz palminteri, meg ryan, anna paquin, yummy robin wright)- fun, shimmering, hockney-painting-styled vignette of a hollywood agent's drug-soaked, out-of-control life and social milieu another flick in which i've been compared to spacey's character (see AmBeaut note below) excellent, viper-room-style jazz score by david baerwald
    schizopolis- steven soderbergh's amusing dadaist experiment spoofing, among other things, suburbanality, semantics, adultery, dentistry, scientology-type cults and pest control bonus points for the part when ss makes faces at himself in the mirror, and except for a single-frame flash he didn't even bother with credits! perhaps he just didn't wanna waste our time (personally i always watch a film all the way thru); wasn't that considerate of him?
    zero effect (bill pullman, ben stiller, ryan o'neal, jake kasdan dir.)- fun, involving adventures of a eccentric, world-class freelancer and his reluctant agent, whose doubts about their latest job increase as they delve deeper into it
    zazie dans le metro ('59)- louis malle's atmospheric, anarchic slapstick about a mischevious kid's visit with her uncle in paris includes gorgeous eiffel tower sequence and poised, VibranT carla marlier as aunt albertine
    ciao professore (lina wirtmueller dir.)- superfun tale of a northern italy gradeschool teacher mistakenly assigned to a scuzzier southern italy locale like truffaut's Small Change et al, makes me think euro directors have a truer take on childhood than spielberg/disney americans, neither romanticizing it nor selling it short (i.e. assuming that kids are simply adults-in-progress). which, admittedly, might seem like an ironic assertion in light of Ciao's appealing opening sequence
    caro diario- director nanni moretti's picturesque, aimless scootering around italy as we eavesdrop on his whimsical internal monologue
    lisbon story (wim wenders dir.)- gorgeous travelogue of a soundman's whimsical adventures, prompted by his director summoning him to portugal. features madredeus' flamenco-style ballads
    latcho drom (tony gatlif dir.)- bewitching, sensual musical documentary/travelogue focusing on gypsies in europe & the middle east. awash in hypnotic dance & music, some of which gives the uncanny impression of being an ancestor of house (gsj & swaffy both got a sample of this score on their mixtapes )
    tampopo ('86, juzo itami dir.)- gripping, hilarious saga of a mother's dream to run a world-class noodle bar and the cowboy-trucker-connoisseur who mentors her a sensuously-detailed farce about the hedonism of food :happy:
    okoge (takahiro nakajime dir.)- fun, gorgeous flick about a girl befriending a gay couple in anti-homo japan. features fun, ymo-style electropop score by edison & hilarious loanshark/dragqueen streetfight scene
    ok swaffy, plz confirm which of following you'd be interested in viewing- consult amazon or imdb descriptions for any i haven't Humped if uncertain: Real Blonde dvd, Trees Lounge, Swingers, Daytrippers, Party Girl, Happiness, Venice/Venice, Opposite of Sex, Flirting W/Disaster, Celebrity (woodsy allen), Big Picture, Broadway Damage. you're welcome to keep the guffman if you wish, as it was a gift and library already has it anyway also, my library pals have agreed to an extended loan re El Mariachi, Mishima, Clockwatchers, Wigstock, Koyaanisqatsi, Zazie & Schizopolis but their I Shot Andy Warhol's currently MIA, & Wigstock may or may not be available within our timeframe for this. again, confirm which do & don't interest. barring sudden, unexpected additions (i'd Love to be able to find you Tieta, Book of Life, Splendor, Relax Its Just, High Art & Some Prefer Cake before sending ), shouldn't be too long before i have a shipping quote for you
    jdah: re-viewed AmBeaut for the first time since its release when showing it to b'jr xmas night, and WE LOVED IT so it ain't perfect but we laughed our ashes off at its clinical precision, & got our breath taken away by its epiphanics (even if the accusations i've read that director sam mendes plagiarized the "bag in the wind" sequence from a smaller film are true) for 3 years i'd told b'jr the parallels between him & the VTaping, potsellin, institutionalized kid next door were eerie; he finally got to see for himself (meanwhile, i've been compared to the spacey character's shrewd, damn-the-consequences outlook & ability to be stirred only by perfection ) supercool thomas newman score (recently re-used in ibm tvcomms with avery "sisko" brooks) & of course, ent captain scott bakula as the "gaeighbor" had his phaser set on fabulous
    np: sakamoto, "forbidden colors"
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    re: VT's "ok swaffy, plz confirm..."

    I guess my list is pretty big. If you want to break it into two or more time-delayed batches that would be fine with me)

    Real Blonde dvd
    Trees Lounge
    Party Girl
    Opposite of Sex
    Flirting W/Disaster
    Celebrity (woodsy allen)
    Big Picture
    Broadway Damage
    (I already saw High Art, no I don't need that one)

    Thanks for offering these, VT. I'll check here for more info on costs and timing. Sounds like you really enjoyed American Beauty. Unfortunately I am boycotting Kevin Spacey due to his highly public ultra-radical leftist vomitous rantings. Otherwise, I'd sorta like to see some of his films from the last few years.

    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Thumbs up swafntlist confirmed :)

    i'll likely send all at once cuz it's more economical & fun that way was also just given Four Rooms, personally wasn't Crazy about it (or Celebrity for that matter; Humps forthcoming) but lmk if wanna judge for yourself & i'll include High Art Rocked didn't it? ally sheedy: i bagged its soundtrack for $3 this spring :happy:
    spacey's made some "highly public ultra-radical leftist vomitous rantings"? where where, wha'd he say, wha'd he say? i miss All the fun i've seen his jack lemmonesque rantings but those were within the context of roles you remind me of a friend of mine who considered boycotting t2 cuz of schwarzenegger's rightist rantings imo gotta draw a clear distinction between the art & the artist. the former's sublimity is not necc. impacted by the latter's limits
    so None of u out there have seen any of the stuff i just mentioned?? boy, my Humps are just provoking Heaps of comment aren't they
    np: loek dikker, Pascali's Island opening theme
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