There are 96 carded figures (16 more if your a Droids and Ewoks collect) that I think we can all agree on as being Star Wars action figures. But what about the rest like Blue Snaggletooth or the Probot? What are they and where do they fit? Why ask this question? One, because I could find no thread like this and two we seem to discusses this in no organized manner, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm not looking for a definitive list, but just an open discussion. First a couple of formalities: If it's a figure, figure-like, or might be consisted a figure somebody we'll talk about it, but no prototypes or variations (depending on your option there may be an expiation here). Next your not voting on anything, just giving your opinion. If I forget or ignore something tell me and I'll add it. I'll go line by line (rather than wave by wave) and wait about a week between lines. And please excuse my poor spelling and grammar.
So that's get started with the Star Wars line. The items are:

Three Legged R2-D2

(name your own droid)

The R2 build-in the X-Wing



Blue Snaggletooth