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    Question Commtech Vader

    I'd like to get this figure but I haven't seen it. What's his articulation like, could he hold the first wave's Vader's lightsaber with both hands? What are his Commtech lines? I (foolishly) bought the Reader for my E1 figures . Could I put him sitting in his TIE?
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    IMO he still has the best sculpt of any Vader released. The double cloth cape is awesome and makes it easy for him to sit in any vehicle. Unfortunately, his saber hilt is sculpted to his leg and he doesn't hold a lightsaber very well at all. He's good for standing around and not much in the way of action. Pity, if he had been given articulated wrists and a removable saber hilt with another ignited saber (like the Naboo Qui-Gonn and Obi-Wan) he would have been the best Vader ever.

    I don't remember his exact COMMTECH lines, but I do know the voice itself is awful. One line was, "And now, you highness, we will discuss the location of your secret wubble base."
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    A little more info...

    Yes... the cloth robes are awesome!!! There is only hip-joint articulation, forward and backward shoulder articulation, left hand is in "choking Admiral Motti" pose and the other arm is bent to have him "holding" his belt. I think there may be bicep articulation there, but can't recall- mine's been sitting in my cabinet for about a year.
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    I love this figure! But like BB said, not a whole lot to do with him. I suggest finding and buying him, Hasbro did a good job on this baby.
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    Definately the best Vader to date. His helmet is so shiny!!!
    I was going to buy a few more for the interogation droid pack-in and have a squadron of IT- 0 droids hanging around my docking bay diorama but funds haven't allowed that. But the droid is luvverly too. mine has no problem holding anything because he holds nothing. he just amble s alongside the Emperor with his cloth robes a flapping in breeze. in comparison to other Vaders he seems a litle skinny, more like the vintage Vader than his POTF2 beefy counterparts. But well worth the money IMO and you should snap him up if you find him.

    I wouldn't worry though if you don't find him, there's going to be endless Vaders around after the new movie finishes it's killer selling frenzy. The saga is after all about Anakin who becomes vader. So Vader is the most important character of Star wars. I can't wait for the new Vaders done with the detail of the POTJ line. Imagine a new scale Vader like they've done with Chewie Mechanic - taller and ever so detailed. FANTASTIC!!! :happy:

    guess we'll have to wait and see on that score though

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    I can't wait either.I loved the new Chewie.They findly got the scale right.

    I too think that the new Vaders will be very good and look forward to getting my hands on them.
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