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    Vintage Vehicle/Playset Sounds

    Anyone out ther know how to fix the "Battle Sounds" on their old toys? I have a few that have lost their ability to "Alert" the Rebels/Imperials, and was wondering if all is lost. Namely, the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and Imperial Troop Transport. . . can't think of any others of the top of my head.
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    I might be able to help. The X-Wing and TIE Fighters are easy compared to the Troop Transport. For my advice about the Troop Transport check this thread out. It also as some of my general tips and tricks.
    But specially for the X-Wing and TIE cockpit (all the TIEs are the same of course) answer this: Do the LEDs light up? If no, clean the contacts. If yes your contacts are good and your problem is with the motor. The way I get my motors running is with a vinegar as I suggest here for the Falcon. Its not always a permanent solution, but it does work. If you know what your doing you might replace the motor. If you need more info ask. Hope that helps.
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    Thanks! I'll be doing some tinkering this weekend!!!!


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