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    Jar Jat corrupting America's youth?

    I'm know this is a joke and a bad one, but check this story about Jar Jar corrupting America's youth. Be warned you may be offended.
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    My suspicions have finally being proven true.
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    Yes, it's a bad joke. An insanely bad one. It pops up every so often, and some people take it as real. By the way, just a warning. This will probably be closed/deleted. Because some of the things that site talks about, arn't appropriate for an all ages site. It happened with the last time it was posted here. Because Steve could get in trouble with nosy parents groups.

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    Didn't Michael Jackson try out to play Jar-Jar?

    And with his current issues..
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    Stupid article. Geez
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    What gets me is that some people really buy this BS. This is a report from a church. This is almost as bad as an article I read where it stated Star Wars was racist because James Earl Jones provided the voice for Vader when he was evil and when the mask was taken of of him and he turne good there was a white person underneath, resembling that white people are good and that black people are bad. I really get sick at this stuff. No one who is right in their mind thinks crazy stuff. Another question how the heck did a kid get a life-size Jar Jar toy. Those cost around $500-$1000 of e-bay. I bet his mom won it or something. I know they can't be talking about the cardboard version.
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    If you look around the site, I think it's safe to say it's a joke site. LusiferSam even said so in his post about it being a joke.
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    That Jar Jar thing was odd, I remember the one about the tongue lipop looking like something else. That one was funny. That site sure has some crazy crap.
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    What kids are getting life sized figures as gifts anyway?
    Quote Originally Posted by JarJarBinks
    Yes, it's a bad joke. An insanely bad one.
    I don't know about "insanely" bad ... that may be pushing it. As absurd as it is, and yes obviously the whole site's a joke (there is no "Freehold" in Iowa which is where their "church" is located) I'd have to say it's kind of funny. But, yes ... a little too blue for this club.

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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    And this comes from a church that has an advertisment for a "What would Jesus do" thong. That seems appropriate..........not.
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