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    Talking Anyone win a Toy Fair Vader from JMP auctions?

    I DID!!!

    I'm curious to know if anyone else around here was lucky enough to grab one of these? The first batch of 10 went for 9,000 JMP's!!! There was a second bacth of 10 that ended recently too. I didn't catch the winning bid on that one, but I checked 24 hours before it ended and it was somewhere between 7,000 and 10,000 JMP's. That's a LOT of points!!!

    I'm a loose collector AND an Army builder - so I had over 7,000 points on my own to start. I did get a little help from some friends who were kind enough to donate their spare points to my cause. And it totally worked...

    I won the auction in late October and got an email THAT day. From there I had 14 days to get everything together and send them off. I mailed my 9,000 JMP's the day after Veterans' Day and received my package the very next week. By the time they received my points, verified and counted them, packed up the Vader, mailed him off to me - it had only been ONE week. Now that's pretty fast if you ask me. Oh yah, and my Vader arrived in MINT condition too.

    All in all, I'm glad I kept those silly points all those years; I'm glad I've got good friends who were able to kick in their extras and allow me to score such a great collectible; and I'm glad for HASBRO for taking the time to give back to the fans.

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    Not bad, I got mine off the Fan Club.
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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    Being as I only have around 1,000 JMP's, I don't stand a chance of winning one. I don't even bother going anymore.
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    One of the members in my local collector club got a TF Vader from one of the recent JMP auctions. A bunch of fellow members helped pitch in so he could get it.
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    That's cool! Anyone know when they're gonna have them on the kid's section? I have 4,320 points so I might be able to get one (probably not though). I may end up getting the blue Jedi Starfighter if they decide not to put them up.
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    Well crap, now that you got your Vader, you are selling your collection?
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