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    $10 a good price?

    Is ten dollars a good price for one of the Star Tours figures. I would like to get R4 M9.
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    Well, yes and no. I mean, that's how much Disney sells 'em for new. But it's also double the price of a regular figure, so "no, not a good price" from a general collecting standpoint. But on the other hand, these figures are exclusives and that means Hasbro has to take more risks on them AND has no alternate distribution so they have to raise their costs to the retailer in order to make it worth their time to make these, so "yes, as exclusives, that's an adequate price".

    Personally, I love Star Tours, so most of these are perfectly acceptable at $10, but even then I didn't want WEG whatever and SK-Z something... at any price.
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    I got the first six Star Tour figures from a fellow SSGer who Used to work at Disney, and he was kind enough to sell them to me for what he paid, $6. Unfortunatly, he lost his job there, and I'm left with out the next three. At $10 a figure, they aren't at the top of my "needs" list.
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    I think they are worth the extra $5. I only need the last three too, and plan to get them hopefully within the next couple of months. Sucks to hear you lost your connection Bobafrett, ive bought the other two sets from the same man on ebay for about $45 apiece.
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    10 bucks sounds like a reasonableprice for these. If you go toEbay or something they are alot more asd u can see from Kool-Aid Killer's post.
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    I was lucky enough to have an aunt get me 4 of the first 6. I would expect to pay at least 10 bucks each for them (as posted above) - that's what they cost at the store. Not even near the top of my wants list right now either.


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