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    I was nice and actually gave up Clone Troopers to a kid in Toys R Us.

    So tonight I'm in Toys R Us when I find they've stocked the Army Builders!

    I find the red Clone Trooper 3-pack, and 4 sets of the Droid Army, amongst other things I was shopping for tonight.

    I'm comparing paint jobs on the Hoth 4-pack to get the best set, when a kid, probably 10 years old at the most, comes running in and starts going through the Clone Wars figures. He grabs an ARC Trooper, and keeps digging.

    I asked him what he was looking for, and it turns out he's after the red ARC Trooper.

    They didn't have him tonight, and I told him I'd gone through all of them myself.

    He looks in my shopping cart and asks if I collect. I told him I do.

    He then tells me that his whole room is filled with shelves of Star Wars. (I'm thinking "sounds just like me when I was his age!" ) It was great to see.

    I asked him if he'd seen the cartoon, and turns out, he loves it and he started telling me how cool he thinks ARC Troopers and the Clones in general are! (He also wants an Obi-Wan Kenobi that can ride a speederbike).

    So he tells me he's building armies and setting up massive battles in his room.

    I couldn't resist reaching into my shopping cart and giving him my Clone Trooper 3-pack (the only one they had left) with a red captain Clone in the package. True, it wasn't the red ARC Trooper, but there was nothing I could do about that. But at least it was something. I'm sure I can go out hunting a lot more frequently than this kid can, so I wanted him to get what he was after.

    The kid was really stoked and ran to go show his father that he "gets 3 for the price of 2." The kid and his dad and his little 7 year old sister return.

    The father looks in my cart and asks if I collect too. I said "sure" and he says then he's sure that his kid will never grow out of it either, and it's getting all over their house, but he admitted that he likes it too.

    The little girl meanwhile wants the Anakin and Padme 12" figures, "To take their clothes off" she says, with a sinner's grin (I'm just reporting this, not making it up...) and the father asks if she doesn't want Barbie and Ken. She says maybe she'll take Padme and Ken (because his arm won't fall off). But in general, SW bores her, but she thought the love story was cute and episode 2 was the best movie.

    Finally the boy eyes the Hoth 4-packs and offers his sister "If I get this, you can have Princess Leia." She thinks that's an OK deal, but she likes Padme better.

    There's not really a point to my story. I just wanted to share it.

    Star Wars is still strong this Christmas.

    - oh, they had the Lando 12" wave in stock (1 case only I think) amongst other things, but I already have the new Lando and have discussed him in the 12" forums.

    But anyway, yes I actually will give up Clones under special circumstances.
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    I would have difficulty doing it. I so far have only found the white Clonetrooper pack, and only one of them. Where I live these are near impossible to find.
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    Great story Tycho, that is why I don't like buying on-line. It is a great thing to go out and interact with other people that are into the toys. I always have fun talking to other collectors, and I would give up figures too.
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    I made the mistake of talking to two kids in the LEGO aisle at Target the other day. They were probably about nine and seven and I think they were brothers. Anyway, they were talking about the LEGO mini sets and how if they got the Gunship and the Millenium Falcon, then they could finally build the Y-Wing. Their little discussion reminded me of me and my brother at that age and how we used to plan out our purchases with the same kind strategy (how could we get the most out of our collective Christmas/Birthday funds). I told them how cool the Y-Wing is when it's finally assembled and that their purchase would be well worth it. Well the older one looked at me and turned white. Then he muttered something that sounded like "uh huh" and then tried to act like I wasn't there. I felt bad because I guess I must've scared the kid. So then I tried to explain how the new mini sets with the Star Destroyer and Shuttle Tyderium were over at TRU and if his parents were going that way they might want to check those out too. He again looked at me and got whiter. By this time I was feeling like a child molester, so I left and went to the action figure aisle. A minute later the two kids wandered over and dammit if that kid gave me the exact same look. I swear in his little mind he must've thought I was put on this earth to stalk and torture him. I could just see the wheels turning in his mind as he most certainly was drawing from some "don't talk to strangers" lesson someone had taught him at some point. Or maybe he's just been following the Michael Jackson thing a little too closely. I was really tempted to say "Hey kid, I've got a puppy in the back of my van. You wanna come see it?" But I didn't because I'm sure the kid would have dropped dead right then and there...and that would have been wrong.

    And it's not right to lie to little kids. I didn't have a puppy. I use kittens. They work much better.

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    You will be rewarded beyond your wildest imagination for that kind act, Tycho.

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    Tycho, Kudo's to you my friend, I don't think I could have done it. In fact when the Chewbacca with the 3PO that goes in the net on Chewies back first came out, I found one in the hands of this woman who was buying it for her son. I followed her around and asked if I could see the figure. She let me look at it, and I sighed, so she says, "do you want this", so I took it from her. Hah, not everyone has such a kind heart!
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    Thank you Tycho! You've givin me back the faith that there is a good heart in the bodies of collectors. For some time now I have growing very tired and irritated with all the complaning that goes on about how I can't get this or this figure stinks or whatever. But to read this story, and to see the true heart of the collector, it gives me a little hope.

    I would have done the same. Its important for this hobbie to survive to teach the younger generation on how to be a "good Collector" and encourage them. If we show them nothing but greed and inconcideration, why would they want to ever get into this hobbie. Or, they would be getting in for the wrong reasons. We should lead them down the path of the light side of collecting, not push them towards the dark.
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    I rarely see kids digging thru the Star Wars figures but whenever i do im reluctant to say anything to them for fear of them or their parents thinking the wrong thing. Whenever i see adults i dont say anything either, i wonder if they are true collectors or some chump out trying to make a few extra bucks. Sometimes i think it would be cool to have a buddy to go hunting with but what if we came upon only one figure that both of us needed? Glad to hear that you gave the kid some clones, but how did he know that there was a red version of the ARC trooper? I dont think its common knowledge among collectors who may not browse Star Wars related sites.
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    Tycho, you should have offered the kid one of your 5 Duros.

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    Ah, yes, that reminds me of when the Episode II toys went on sale back in april of 2002. My friends and myself were making our rounds after doing the primary midnight rush @wal-mart: all i needed was a Dexter Jexter and Count Dooku. Well, we hit another wally world that night (24 hour supercenter) and they had like 6 Dooku figures left. I took two and my other friend took a few as well (he keeps on MOC and opened one). Well, we get up to hit TRU the next morning and we get in and still, no Dexter Jexter figures, but there were a few kids whose parents were awesome enough to let them skip school (that'll be me, probably). I ran into a collector i had bumped into the night before and he tells me that Dexter is up the street @Target up the road, so we head out the door and i see this kid looking really frustrated. His mom is consoling him and i hear her say, "The old bad guy in this one" and "don't worry; we'll find him." So, i stop and say i couldn't help but overhearing, but it sounds like you need a Count Dooku figure. She says yeah and asks where she can find one and i tell her that i have an extra that i don't mind not having, as i already have one, i could get one to open later on, so we head out to my car (all of us, not just myself and a little kid...pervs) and i bust out Dooku and the kid gets really giddy and the mom asks "how much?" in a tone that just aches for answer of biblical proportions, but i just say, "4.99" or however much they were, so she hands me a five and some change (which i refused thechange, but she shoved it in my pocket, saying something about tax) and the kid thanks me for about a minute and they walk to their car, the kid bouncing along with Dooku in hand.
    I felt good about myself that day..until i saw my balance after all my spending transactions had cleared.
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