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    4 new Exculsives set for TRU

    306040 Exclusive Jedi Council Scene 1 $19.99 - the picture supplied for this set showed the previous Mace Windu screen scene from Episode I, so the contents of this set are unknown

    306032 Exclusive Darth Vader Tie Fighter $29.99 - which looks to be a POTF2 version in a window box, shown with Sandtrooper (from army builder set – check out his “bib”) for scale. Interestingly there is a large dead space to the left of the ship – could this house the figure blister, stickers and instructions?

    305230 Exclusive Jabba's Palace 4pack $19.99 - the above image shows Nikto, Klaatu, Barada and a new Han Solo sculpt, with a Slave Leia cannon. This set was previously named Clash At The Pit Of Carkoon but is now refered to as Skirmish At Carkoon

    170936 Exclusive C-Wing fighter Red Leader $29.99 - the photo supplied has a Dagobah X-wing in a window box, shown with same Sandtrooper; no wings so we don’t know what special markings it has. Note: C-wing is a Toyr "R" Us spelling mistake.
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    Skirmish at Carkoon isn't toooooo bad, although they could have recolored'em. The Han figure appears to be the legs from Jabba's Palace 3-D Han and then the torso from COMMtech Han without a vest.

    Ugly thing too, they should've given him that Skiff Guard blaster that Jedi Luke's coming with considering he DID use it. I think they should've used a Weequay with new arms and repainted the other Skiff Guards. Not really worth much when it seems like they're just taking the same version of a figure and tossing it in the box.

    For the people that didn't find deluxe Slave Leia, the cannon is a good idea. A huge cannon isn't that unwelcomed either way though.

    I'm curious to see if the Jedi Council set is going to be Mace, Coleman and Shaak Ti council members. If so, let Coleman and Shaak sit while Mace has to stand.
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    All and all, not to bad at all. And the Red Leader's X-Wing was rumored by the Swami about a month ago. Hate to have to get another X-Wing, but to get Red Leader makes it all worth while.

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    JEEZ LOUISE! WHERE ON EARTH AM I GOING TO GET THE MONEY FOR ALL OF THIS!!!?? Well actually, I am going to pass on the Carkoon set and some other sets if they are mostly re-hashes. I never got a Vader tie fighter so I am tempted by this new one. I will pass on the red leader x wing even though I'd love to have it...oh well, CANT HAVE IT ALL!!!
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    Nice!!! I can get stuff i missed like Darth's Bomber. Can't wait to see the C-wing! cheers!
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    Not sure about the Carkoon Set, but I'll surely get the others. Never got the Darth Vader TIE, so it'll go along nicely with the two Kay-Bee TIEs I plan on getting and the Power FX X-wing. More X-wings are also very good. Why would the Jedi Council have Mace, like someone said? We need so many other Jedi before another Mace. The only Mace we still need is one with an accurate robe with loooong sleeves and can hold his saber to Jango's neck.
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    Vader's TIE and Red Leader with his X-wing sound most promising to me. I dont really like the Skirmish set, looks too plain and hastily created. The Jedi council screen scene could work well, but i really dont want another Windu. The other Jedis they include will need to be very good (new Jedi) for me to even consider buying it.
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    That jabbas palace set is all I am interested in. The rest sound ok.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kool-aid killer
    The Jedi council screen scene could work well, but i really dont want another Windu. The other Jedis they include will need to be very good (new Jedi) for me to even consider buying it.
    I agree about Mace, although I don't think we'll be seeing any new JEdi in this, since it's Jedi council, and they've released them all. Although it is possible and hopeful for me that they at least put Jedi council members in new sculpts.

    Vader's Tie sounds like a good choice. The x-wing could be promising if it includes Red Leader. I'm not really sure what to think about the Jabba's sail set, this really could be alot better. Let's hope for at least some paint changes on the skiff guards.
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    That pit of carkoon set is a major let-down!!!
    First of all, I had posted earlier in the POTF2 section about the skiff guards scene because I noticed from examining the file card that the barada & nikto figures have different outfits than the real characters in the picture are wearing. So I was hoping this would be corrected. Actually, I would have liked to see all 5 guards from Skiff #1: Weequay resculpt, Weequay #2 (finally!), human skiff guard (finally!), and accurate versions of nikto & barada.
    It would also be cool to see skiff guards from skiff #2 so pote snitkin doesn't get so lonely, and I could justify buying a 2nd skiff.


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