Here's the deal. I've recently ran across some vintage carded figures and noticed a couple of odd things.

The first thing that got my attention was a few SW-12 Carded figures have a frosty look to them. For an example, one of the Han Solos and two Death Squad Commanders seem to have some sort of crystal growing on parts of them. It's the most noticeable on Han's legs and the DSC's Helmets.

One of those Death Squad Commanders had a few worm like-bugs inside the bubble. I don't see any entry point, but nevertheless, they are there (long dead, of course). I also found those bugs inside a carded die cast Darth Vader TIE. What are those things? Are they responsible for the frosty look of the action figures? I would assume this would hurt the resale value of these toys.

As for value of action figures, some of the carded Star Wars and Empire figures I've ran across are in great shape... but the proof of purchase has been removed; sometimes cutting completely through the card, other times just the top layer of cardboard. I'm not up on the grading scale, but was curious if anyone knows what kind of % decrease this would cause?

Any help is appreciated! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!