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    what is the best Clone wars Figure out there

    hi guys i this is my 2 post so iam makeing it good so my best figures so farOn my Xmas list is anakin Skywalker Clone Wars and Mace Windu Clone wars

    so is Obi wan clone wars a good pick too what about others yoda sasee tiin Asajj etc.

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    So far, my money's on Asajj Ventress, but that might change as soon as I see the Saesee Tiin/Kit Fisto/Super Poseable Clone Trooper wave, which hasn't been released in my area yet.
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    I, personally, like all of them. Anakin is good, but he can't really fit in the starfighter. Mace's head pops off, but pops back on easily. Obi-Wan is a great figure with cool gear, I have no complaints about him. Yoda is cool-looking but doesn't do too much. Durge is nice but the speeder bike version is better (as far as articulation goes). ARC troopers are also very cool, especially the red version. I don't yet have Asajj but she looks like a good one too. You can't really go wrong with any of them.
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    I like Asajj and the ARC. I havent seen the red on, but I am betting its the same as the blue.
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    From what I have seen Super Poseable Clonetrooper is the best pic of them all. You cannot beat an army builder with a lot of articulation. I also think the Arc Troopers are cool.
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    asajj is my pick right now, without having kit fisto, saesee tinn, or the supart clonetrooper. i'd pass on obi wan, even though he is my fav character, his lack of balljointed shoulders and stupid "i just got done with my dance routine" pose really turned me off to this fig. mace is okay if you can look past the bobblehead, durge is kinda blah, yoda is okay, and anakin is okay. i like the CW line and hope it continues, i just hope hasbro will commit themselves to the best possible articulation possible on this line if it does continue. oh, and personally i'm not crazy about the bobblehead type figs.

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    Deluxe Durge, one of the best figures of the year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    Deluxe Durge, one of the best figures of the year.
    Really? Why? I have one, but haven't opened it yet or I don't think I will. I think the best so far is the ARC's. The Reds cool, but I like the Darker color of the grayish blue. Oh and BTW welcome to SSG SR9! The future best pick will probably be the SA Clone!
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    Deluxe outstanding (currently shipping) figure that beats any of the CW figures for articulation and features......

    The ARC Trooper is a great figure overall but I had to paint my own figure to get it red the way I wanted it.
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    From the ones I have:

    1. S.A. CloneTrooper
    2. Arc Trooper (Any of the two colors)
    3. SaeSee Tiin


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