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    Thumbs up MBNA Vader Promo

    Looked for another post to tag this on but came up with nothing.

    Unbelievably I received my MBNA Vader in the mail last week. This was the promor where you received one for activating a card.

    What an incredible piece! I have to say that I am very pleased. I do not have any other Gentle Giant busts - but I might start picking them up now.

    If you have a chance to pick one up do!

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    I think most of the Gentle Giant mini busts look better than the one offered by MBNA. I tried to get in on the offer, but was turned down twice. There is another thread on this, it might be in the Props/Replica's section!
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    Angry MBNA is crooked

    Unrelated to the bust promotion, I had a bad day with MBNA today. They extended me a relatively small line of credit (business), then when I went to utilize it, they refused! What the f is up with that?! I was/am furious. No "good" reason given, so I'll be closing up all my accounts with them and will encourage everyone I know to do the same. There are better companies out there with actual customer service as their goal. I'm not exactly sure what MBNA's philosophy is, but there must be something in there about driving customers away at random.


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