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    Do you want Hasbro to make the figures a Clone Fighter vehicle from the cartoon show?

    Everyone posting has agreed that these V-19 Clone Fighters are the coolest!

    Ever since Episode 2, Hasbro has been doing great with making the best vehicles for our figures - and getting them to the toy shelves.

    We have

    Anakin's speeder
    Zam's speeder
    the Jedi Starfighter
    an all-new Slave-One
    the Republic Gunship
    the Geonosian Fighter
    the Hailfire Droid
    Anakin's Jedi Starfighter
    the re-release of the great AAT Federation Tank

    plus classic vehicles like

    KB's exclusive TIE Fighter
    Wal-Mart's previously carried TIE Bomber

    Many here have expressed their opinion that Hasbro could do a great job on a V-19 mold and include a Republic Gunship Pilot to boot.

    Do you want to see this vehicle realized in plastic?

    Vote now!
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    The more the better.

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    At this point unless its in a movie I'd rather not have Hasbro wasting its time with a vehicle. Over all I've not been impressed with the EU vehicles.
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    I haven't really been all that impressed with the new designs from AOTC and TPM, but these things kick major butt. I dig these fighters big time, and they seem to have the same styling that the original trilogy's vehicles had. Definitely yes.

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    unless it was in the film.....

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    yes yes

    i dont think it maters if its in a movie or not the cartoon is still a lucas arts production. and who knows, it may be in the third film. this would ber a awsome adition to the existing vehicles. all the ones so far are good to, the older ones i think kinda suck, the old slave one, not so good, old x-wing, very unperportional. new slave one, looks way beter, and the newer x-wing is realy close to scale. i love the gunship, wish it had built in side gunner turrets. and the hailfire droid is sweet. anyway they should make the v-19 i'll buy a hole squadron.

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    The ship looks pretty killer. I like the use of the Shuttles concept.
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    Heck yeah! First thing I said when I saw those fighters was, "Man that would make for an excellent toy!" I would be very pleased if Hasbro did it, i'm not holding my breath though.

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    I voted no. I'd rather have something from the movies like an AT-TE, Homing Spider Droid, SPHA-T, or Dooku's Solar Sailer.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Yep! I'm all for it.
    I'm a little surprised that they didn't make one for this X-mas.


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