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    Burger King Glass Figures???

    Today I found some possible pictures of the upcoming Burger King Glass Figures at a Japanese e-tailer. These will be Target exclusives as rumored by GalacticHunter a few weeks back here

    Check them out here (ObiWan and Darth Maul)

    Not sure if they are real or take this with a grain of salt until further confirmation comes down the pipe

    There are also rumors that a new Tarkin, Wicket and Bespin Guard are also coming

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    well, if those are the real deal, the glasses look pretty sharp. obi wan is the man, so i'd definitely get a few of those. why didn't hasbro try to get these out by Christmas? seem like a great gift for SW nuts like me!

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    They look OK I guess. I was thinking of something better.
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    Someone in that thread raised a valid point, the TPM glass looks photoshopped at the logo. It trails off at the side, and at the bottom of the logo the picture and colors don't match.

    I wouldn't doubt the Obi-Wan is real, as I'm sure that could've been one of the glasses actually made. I just wonder if it wasn't just someone doing a custom TPM glass and then putting those figures and the Obi glass in the picture.

    And Tat. Maul is definitely the poorest choice to rehash, though a very similar decision to what Hasbro would make, I still have my doubts from the edited picture.
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    I have a feeling that these are just going to be repacks of old figures. I really can't see Hasblah going all out on newly made exclusives for Target especially with the animation-styled "Clone Wars" figures bowing at the begining of the year.

    I'm passing. I have a full set of the vintage ones so I am chuffed. :happy:
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    I'd be all over those glasses,

    I still have my original sets!!!

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    If hasbro is finally going to make a black bespin guard, why release him only with the glass? That does not make sense to me. Hasbro could sell more if they'd just release him on a card! I have been wanting a black bespin guard ever since the potj one came out. It can't be hard to make...just do a head and hand resculpt from the potj version !
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    Glass figures? Wouldn't they break?


    Uh, never mind.
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    The picture is a prototype mock up shot. But if it's just old figures repackaged it's simply to collar the completists and the newer fans out there.
    Personally I think any logoed up drinking vessel is tacky. Badly printed artwork of the lowest order and printed on severly cheap and nasty glassware. Hardly worth getting in a flap about really.
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    If it is fact, then it looks like whoever is offering these are handing out older figures. The Tatooine Maul was all over the place by the time EP1 was pulled and that OB1 looks exactly like the POTJ version. Plus they've already made Tarkin, Wicket, and the Bespin Guard so they'd be super easy to redo.

    If they are going to do this, then why not offer stuff that kids would like, such as the Clone Trooper or a Stormie?
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