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    I found a set at Entertainment Earth today. 12.50 a pop, but they are very nice.
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    When I saw these on the shelf, my initial thoughts were WOW!
    These things are larger than I acticipated. The packages arn't normal deluxe size, they're comparable to the SOTE 2-pack size, although I can't compare sonce my SOTE sets are elsewhere.
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    Yeah... it seems like the initial wave of Deluxe figures came out WAY ahead of the waves they were scheduled to be released with. That was just odd... but I can't wait until my KEBco shipment arrives!!!!!!

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    dammit this means they may appear in Ireland this month and be gone before I can justifiably spend more money on myself!! If I miss these figures I'll be very upset, especially rieekan, but also the Wampa as I never did find the 97 version.

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    I have yet to find these at a Wal-Mart's. I'm starting to get really frustrated as I am very behind on toys. Nowhere around here seems to even have wave 2 of Clone Wars yet.
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