View Poll Results: Do you plan on buying the Playskool Star Wars Adventures Toys?

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  • Yes, I plan to collect these.

    77 33.33%
  • I will just buy the first 4 sets, then wait and see.

    22 9.52%
  • I'm only interested in the Prequel sets.

    0 0%
  • I'm only interested in the Classic sets.

    22 9.52%
  • I'm interested in these as gifts for a child.

    28 12.12%
  • No, I'm NOT interested in these at all.

    68 29.44%
  • Other

    14 6.06%
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    My poll as it stands also measures who plans on getting them for children, TRICKS.

    It also sees who's interested in Classic versus Prequels - a topic you find interesting all the time.

    Before Steve (or you) edited the poll down, it also showed which set out of the four was people's favorite. (The TaunTaun set had more votes that the others - that fans would only buy that set, and not the rest of them. Now we have no voting option that might prompt people to discuss WHY).
    If I had edited the poll, it would have been the 4 I just mentioned, so talk to the GUY WHO OWNS THE SITE!
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    I edited it. There were 3 or 4 more options with 0 votes. That tells me they were not good options. So I changed them.
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    My son is too old for these toys,but my daugther might like these.She always wants to play with my stuff and this would be a great way to get her started on her way down the doomed path of Star Wars collecting. Yes I will buy them only if she likes them.
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