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    Ultra General Rieekan

    Let me just say I'm very happy to have this figure, but there are some problems. Frist the good. Rieekan has a nice sculpt and paint app though is should have been darker. I'm happy they got the neck of the jacket right. Hasbro even got the throat drops right on his chest!! The Map thingy is awesome. Right on Hasbro. The bad, well there isn't that much bad, but here it goes. There's no way this should have been Ultra figure. the price does not reflect the toy. The Map and Rieekan could have easily fit on a basic card. Rieekan has very little articulation. Could have used points at the elbows and knees. I only say this because of the price of the toy. That's it I give it a 7 out of 10.
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    Thanks for the report, TW. I guess you guys must have seen all 51 figures from last year down there as well? Im really surprised the 04 stuff has started showing up. This whole new Hoth wave has me all wound up with excitement.
    I think Hoth must make me homesick for Ontario or something, there's nothing I'd rather have then new Hoth stuff. Wicked.

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    I agree this should have been a standard figure...

    ....don't get me wrong...I'm as pleased as punch to get this great rebel general as a figure at long last. I think He looks great and the screen accessory is WAY cool.
    But if a huge hunk o' plastic like Ephont Mon gets on a single card...c'mon! I just think this one was a stretch for an "Ultra" figure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedibear
    ....don't get me wrong...I'm as pleased as punch to get this great rebel general as a figure at long last. I think He looks great and the screen accessory is WAY cool.
    But if a huge hunk o' plastic like Ephont Mon gets on a single card...c'mon! I just think this one was a stretch for an "Ultra" figure...

    I totally agree. This figure could have been a regular basic figure. If they added another accessory it would of been sweet.
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    My mom got this for me when she was in Mississippi for a wedding. He was at a Wal-Mart Supercenter, for only $2! The card had a slight crease but that's no reason to sell him for 1/5 the price, maybe he'd been there for a while. It seems odd, but I have no objections now for getting him for less than a basic figure.
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    Re: Ultra General Rieekan

    Picked this figure up on clearance at Target for $7. This is going to be a brief "off-the-cuff" review...

    [font=Verdana] Packaging: 3.5/5
    [/font]Standard ultra packaging with a slimmer-than-usual bubble. No idea why Hasbro twistie-tied the figure down though, it was firmly in there no matter what.[font=Verdana]

    Sculpt & Design: 3/5
    [/font]The outfit has an ok sculpt, looks somewhat realistic and matches the plastic parts with the rubber "skirt". It's not the best work ever, and the plastic for the torso, head and limbs are too shiny and a little rubbery, but it's far from bad. I especially like how the collar stands up just like in the film.

    The head sculpt pretty much makes or breaks a figure such as Rieekan, and the work here is very strange in a different way from any other figure. The features do remind me of the actor, but the sculpt is cartoony with lines & shapes exaggerated and the eyes made too expressive.

    [font=Verdana] Pose: 2/5
    [/font]What were they thinking with this pose? The legs and left arm are fine, neutral but not stiff as a board; unfortunately, everything is destroyed by the right arm which is being held far away from the body in a pointing pose. The limited articulation gives virtually no options at all, so the figure always has his arm out like a weirdo. And the worst part is, the angle of the hand makes even the main pointing pose look wrong.

    [font=Verdana] Paint & Deco: 3/5
    [/font]Rieekan's an Ultra, and like all deluxe-pricepoint figures it has crappy paint compared to basics - nice way to reward spending that extra money, huh? Rieekan's hair is probably his best feature, but it's still messy at the hairline. The eyebrows are way too large, and the eyes themselves are too big and too blue lending to the "cartoony" look of the face.

    The outfit is simple and has nothing intricate, but it mostly works. The one area I really dislike however is the tunic pockets which have pink piping... PINK!!! Who the hell thought shocking pink was a good idea here?
    Articulation: 2/5
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    The Hoth general has 5 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, hips. The neck is limited by the collar, but he has nearly full side-to-side range of human motion in the neck before it's stopped. The shoulders REALLY should have been universal-jointed to give the guy more character and salvage that wonky right arm. The hips are limited by the rubbery skirt, but this also isn't too bad until you get to about 45 degrees. There's no waist articulation here even though it would have been just as easy to allow the waist to turn under the skirt as it was to keep it from doing so. Considering how much you're paying here: LAME!

    [font=Verdana] Accessories: 3.75/5
    [/font]Rieekan comes with 1 accessory, the big tactical screen which is the sole reason this is a $10 Ultra instead of a $5 Basic. It looks pretty nice, good paint & colors, big clear screen with tactical map tampoed on, vents and controls on either side, but this is not worth the extra $5! The controls are stickers, and on mine are sloppily applied so they're at angles and starting to come up. The screen comes right out of the base, so this thing is collapsable enough to have fit on a Basic card right there - I was able to get this whole set into the bubble for Bail Organa with enough room for a tray to go around it, and that's with the legs glued to the base which they didn't have to be!!!

    As an Ultra, this accessory is a massive rip-off; but as a Star Wars toy it's not so bad, so I'm giving it a rating based more on the latter than the former.

    [font=Verdana][font=Verdana][font=Verdana] [font=Verdana] Overall Grade: [font=Verdana]D+ [/font] [/font]
    [/font]As an Ultra, this set is totally not worth the $10 MSRP; even at the clearance price I got it for of $7 it's still overpriced. There's nothing outstanding here whatsoever, the tactical screen is a neat accessory but surely not enough product to convince me this is a good buy, and the figure is certainly no prize pig either. This is a total moneygrab on Hasbro's part and it's a shame because with a better figure or more accessories, it might have been a reasonable purchase. If you don't mind the price, then the grade could go up to a 'C', but that's the best I can do here.[font=Verdana][font=Verdana][font=Verdana]
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    Re: Ultra General Rieekan

    Can I swap Rieekian's head with a Slave Leia to make the radio operator from the Hoth Escape scene?
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