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    R-3PO's arms are calling to my K-3PO - question

    Ok, once the R-3PO hits retail, I would really love to customize the arms for my K-3PO, which looks great, except for the crazy Tc-14 arms - for those that have attempted customizing protocol droids, would a method other than pop and boil work or just that one? I have always been afraid to mess with threepios before - since the plastic seems much harder than a standard fig, but this may be too much (potential) fun to pass.....any suggestins are appreciated.


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    Why not just paint an R3PO? You get the arms and a superior body sculpt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker
    Why not just paint an R3PO? You get the arms and a superior body sculpt.

    Good call - this sculpt is awsome - honestly, if they just re-painted this sculpt down the road, I'd be happy. Would you first paint this thing grey, then white or is there material out there that will strip away the paint?

    I did customize the Death Star droid to the Sandcrawler one, and that went great, but the paint on that seemed way more fragile (for lack of a better word) than the normal application.....or not?


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