In the last 3 waves we have seen themes. So Skiff lando, AT-ST Driver and Han were from ROTJ. Scout, Jedi Luke and Ewoks were from ROTJ with a AOTC Yoda thrown into the mix. The last wave including Old Ben, Jawas and Garindan are all from ANH. Can we expect an ESB theme for the next wave or will it be another ANH? I only say this because Hasbro has done 2 ROTJ wave in a row and a ANH after. So we may get an ANH wave next. With hasbro we never know. Anyways, if it's an ANH wave what would you like to see? Or if it's an ESB wave what would you like? If it'a an ANH wave again I'd like to see a R1 droid, Hammerhead, Rebel Trooper and since we know Hasbro will throw a rehash into the wave, I guess a Orange Sandtrooper would be cool since it was a diamond exclusive. If it's an ESB wave, I'd like to see K-3PO, FX-7, 2-1B Medic Droid and for the rehash, a Snowtrooper. They could make a deluxe and box with a canon! So what do you guys think?