View Poll Results: After 2007, would you buy Hasbro SW figures if they changed the size?

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  • Yes, if every possible 3 3/4" background movie character had been done by then.

    59 10.83%
  • No, I'd prefer the size remain 3 3/4", and they do Expanded Universe with multiple movie re-releases/resculpts

    271 49.72%
  • No, I'd like to quit collecting once I have every character from the movies in 3 3/4" scale

    121 22.20%
  • It doesn't matter: I think Lucas will do new movies, or more live action or cartoon shows, and this and other multi-media will fuel the 3 3/4" collection's source for new figures

    94 17.25%
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    Am sure they won't do any size change until after the new trilogy is completed.

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    I said yes, but I really think that they should have been doing something like what JediTricks mentioned, a detailed and articulated 7" figure, instead of the Unleashed line anyway. Ultimately, I'd approach it in the same way that I'm looking at the Art Asylum Trek line ... I might pick up one or two of the core characters, but there's little reason for me to shift gears from collecting what I've been collecting for so many years. The 3 3/4" line has such a long history. As a 35 year old guy with a bunch of his original SW toys up on the top shelf of his collection, I'd probably have to see it and really be impressed by the toy's overall quality before I spend the money. Otherwise, I'll just focus on collecting vintage or something else instead.

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    I don't see them changing the size until most every figure has been made... especially since EIII has not come out yet.

    I have been asking for more EU figures since the last release of EU figures, including Thrawn, came out. If secondary markets are any indication (which can be a tricky thing sometimes) the EU figures are highly sought after indicating that new EU figures would sell well. They are making EU figures of the clone wars even going so far as doing the cartoon style figures... why not pay homage to the books, especially with so many great characters. Including the main characters would make this a success I think. I would love to see a two pack of Chewie saving Anakin as Chewie's last heroic act ala the 25th ann. two-packs!

    As far as collecting... it has gotten to the point that if you aren't at the stores everyday you may miss the one case of a certain wave that Wal-Mart gets. That is time consuming, frustrating, and a major downer when you find the one figure you've been looking for and the package is damaged. I've resorted to a lot of on-line shopping, but it just isn't as fun.

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    I think I'd stop collecting if they went to a bigger (or smaller) size. The scale right now is just right. Changing it wouldn't necessarily fix many of the problems that the figures now have (too bendable, difficult to stand, plus the whole distribution problem) and I would get too turned off to continue.
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    No, it just wouldnt be the same...and we will have to start all over again...let them remain in 3"3/4.
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    I would definitely quit, I have no room for bigger packages!!! Bigger toys mean bigger prices.. hard to keep up as it is!! Hasblow, go ahead please make something that doesn't follow the traditional 3 3/4 size figures, I want out anyway! c..c..caaan't ssstopp bububuying!!! The Pain!!! AAHAHH!!!! Anyone want to buy a nearly ALL mint/near mint lot of almost eveything since 95? $15,000... please? pretty please with bugers on it?

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    I also have found it virtually impossible to find any new figures in any stores in my area, and if they changed the sizes I would simply stop collecing. It is hard enough to find the current sizes, and that has pushed me to just about stop collecting altogether. It seems all the stores have four or six pegs for figures, which are empty, and about ten lightsabers in completely crushed boxes with maybe one or two 12" figures if you're lucky.

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    I certainly would. Hell, the bigger they'd be, the better likeness. I love the way the are now but I'm such a fan of Star Wars, I'll buy anything!
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    I voted for the last one. I can dream can't I?
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    Not to be insulting Tycho, but I wouldn't judge this issues just on your opinion, you almost never buy new versions of figures no matter what, so if you have a POTF2 Lando (or 80 of 'em for all yer dioramas ) then you'll never buy a POTJ version unless you come up with another diorama.

    Oh, and I'd buy a few 4" EU figs, mostly Zahn trilogy and Dark Forces/JK game stuff, but only if the sculpting was better than Hasbro's previous EU figures. EU doesn't have anywhere near the draw of the CT though, so Hasbro would be nuts to not have regular non-geezer Lukes out there. An EU line just wouldn't have the teeth to survive without a movie line (and almost certainly a CT one at that).

    In a 7" line, here's the stuff I'd be sold on for sure (this is a line they'd REALLY have to go full-gusto for though):
    • Ep 1 Obi-Wan (w/ removable robe, communicator, lightsaber w/ removable blade that attaches to belt)
    • Maul (w/ removable robe, lightsaber w/ removable blades that attaches to belt and cuts in half, binoculars, control cuff, probe)
    • Qui-Gon (removable robe, lightsaber, comm, stab thru gut gimmick )
    • Battle droid (removable backpack, gun, transformable)
    • Destroyer Droid (transformable, removable shield)
    • Ep 2 Obi-Wan (robe, saber, kamino dart)
    • Ep 2 Anakin (robe, saber, removable arm, robotic arm)
    • Ep 2 factory Padme (gun, removable shall, battle droid gun)
    • Jango Fett (both backpacks, twin guns, wrist rope, decapitate action, separate non-helmeted head w/ removable Slave 1 piloting headset)
    • Dooku (removable cape, lightsaber w/ removable blade, Darth Sidious)
    • R2 (mega doors, arms, jets, lightsaber launching feature, drink tray, light up correct eye, holo Leia, the works)
    • C-3PO (removable gold plating, removable limbs, ewok throne, light up eyes, talking feature, mesh bag for Chewie)
    • Luke Tatooine (poncho, electro binocs, rifle, father's saber, stormy belt & gun)
    • Ep 4 Obi-Wan (robe, saber, blastshield helmet, training ball, separate "you don't need to see his identification" mind trick hand)
    • Jawa, R5, Gonk pack (jawa ion pistol, restraining bolt, bolt controller, light-up eyes, talking gonk, bad-motivator action on R5-D4)
    • Han Solo (blaster w/ holster, stormy belt & rifle, removable headset, Falcon pilot chair)
    • Chewie (removable bandolier, bowcaster, imperial cuffs, mouse droid, welding gogs & tools)
    • Ep 4 Princess Leia (removable hood, sporting blaster, stormy blaster, Luke & Han's medals)
    • Luke pilot (w/ removable hoth overjacket, saber, grenade, grappling gun, X-wing control stick)
    • Hoth Luke (removable goggles, saber, wampa arm, Obi-Wan spirit)
    • Hoth Leia (stormy blaster, removable vest, separate Bespin hands & head)
    • Snowtrooper (stormy blaster, e-web cannon, Hoth Rebel Soldier)
    • Ep 5/6 Han (removable jacket, removable vest, removable ROTJ trenchcoat, blaster pistol, charges)
    • Bespin Luke (removable hand, separate "battered" head, blaster w/ holster, saber, Yoda)
    • Lando (removable cape, 2 stormy blasters, Lobot)
    • Boba Fett (blaster rifle, Han in carbonite block, wrist rope, shoulder cape)
    • IG-88 (w/ weapons & Zuckuss)
    • Bossk (w/ weapons & Dengar)
    • 4-LOM, R4 droid, 2-1B (w/ rifle, prosthetic Luke arm w/ opening doors, light up feature)
    • Leia as Boushh (removable helmet, thermal detonator, rifle weapon, chain for Chewie's neck... dare I say it? Separate Slave Leia figure)
    • Gammorean Guard (vibro axe, Bib Fortuna)
    • Jedi Luke (cloak, removable vest, Endor poncho, open flap on tunic, saber, cuffs, 3 separate hands - regular, damaged, gloved)
    • ROTJ Leia (removable helmet, blaster w/ holster, poncho, speederbike)
    • Emperor (cane, separate "evil" head & lightning hands, lightning, Royal Guard)
    • Grand Moff Tarkin (w/ separate heads for Piett & Jerjerrod, Imperial interrogator droid)
    • Scout Trooper (blaster w/ holster, speederbike)
    • Stormtrooper (blaster, rifle, Tatooine rifle & backpack, removable shoulder pauldron, electrobinocs, separate Luke & Han heads w/ helmets)
    • Darth Vader (lightsaber, removable hand, removable helmet, separate Emp-blasting see-through helmet w/ glowing skull, holo-pad to kneel on)
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