View Poll Results: After 2007, would you buy Hasbro SW figures if they changed the size?

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  • Yes, if every possible 3 3/4" background movie character had been done by then.

    59 10.83%
  • No, I'd prefer the size remain 3 3/4", and they do Expanded Universe with multiple movie re-releases/resculpts

    271 49.72%
  • No, I'd like to quit collecting once I have every character from the movies in 3 3/4" scale

    121 22.20%
  • It doesn't matter: I think Lucas will do new movies, or more live action or cartoon shows, and this and other multi-media will fuel the 3 3/4" collection's source for new figures

    94 17.25%
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    After 2007, would you buy Hasbro SW figures if they changed the size?

    With the strong Classic Star Wars lineup slated for 2004, now either confirmed or rumored to include a vast majority of figures Original Trilogy fans have wanted forever, but were never made before, we look ahead to what the future may hold. Hasbro has the license to do Star Wars action figures until 2018. But by 2008, almost every conceivable background character from all 6 movies could be released, and the 15-20 core characters could only be resculpted or re-released to keep the line alive by drawing in new fans. One possibility is that Hasbro will turn towards higher detail, larger action figures, closer to ArtAsylum's type of products. So:

    After 2007, would you buy Hasbro SW figures if they changed the size?
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    I said yes, but I'd only get core characters and very few prequel ones at that. I've always wanted to see a highly-articulated, neutral-posed, heavily-accessoried series of core SW characters at the 7" height, like the new Mattel Batman line or the Art Asylum Trek line (these are reference to height, neither of which has the articulation or accessories I'd be hoping for with a SW line).
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    I don't know. I barely have space for the smaller figures! If they changed the figure size it would be a good opportunity to stop collecting - especially as I would have all of the characters.


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    3 3/4 figures have always been the favorite. They are more accesserable, they are easier for little children to play with. 3 3/4 size figures are easier to fit into ships and playsets -- possibalities are endless -- it is just a good size. Everyone else has gone to the bigger figure and personnaly, I cant stand them. There is no good articulation (if any) and the makers get lazy on the detail when they are this big. 3 3/4 forever!!!
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    i've enjoyed the unleashed line, but they're not toys simply statues. if you could incorporate articulation with that degree of detail then i'd get them all. if the detail and accessories was no better than the 12" line it would be difficult to collect.

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    I honestly would not feel like I would be collecting SW figures if they were not 3 3/4 or 12", besides I am not interested in recollecting every figure they have made to date which would be hundreds upon hundreds of characters. Financially that would be very stupid for anyone unless they were starting from scratch!
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    I think a lot of collectors are looking for a reason to stop collecting. Changing the size would be that reason. I would feel like I had a complete collection if I could get all the 3 3/4 inch figures. That combined with no new movies and I think the line would die very shortly after changing the size of the figures.

    The newer figures have an amazing amount of articulation and detail... making them larger would be adding yet another size of SW figures. The 12 inch line does alright... the unleashed line does well because they are limited and statue-like and super-detailed... but remember the failed 6 inch line on those rotating stands. Granted those weren't too poseable. The smaller figures are still the best selling, and Hasbro should stick with this size or else they may lose half of their buyers.

    I've never bought figures other than the 3 3/4" and likely would not buy them if they changed the size... but who knows, my "need" for SW figures may linger, but likely only if they did new figures... and not just re-makes of the 3 3/4" line. With as many OT main character figures they are releasing this year, I find it very hard to believe that by 2007 they could have covered ALL the background characters in all 6 movies. They put out like 60 figures a year (including the deluxe and pack-ins)... and I'd say at least 20-25 are main characters, no way could they do all the background characters by then.

    That being said, I think a larger line could fly if there was something it tied to, like a Young Jedi Knights tv series. This would give new figures to make, plus would keep the idea of SW fresh in our minds... they, of course, could and likely would include movies figures in here.

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    I'm not sure how I'd really respond.

    By 2007, we should have at least 1 version of every Classic Character to be seen on screen - including all the cantina and Jabba guys. The Prequel figures could be well very close to being complete, too - with Jedi, Senators, Podracers, and background characters like the chubba-seller (Gragga, Swokes Swokes) all being done.

    If the movies are all sourced-out, how many of you will buy Talon Karrde, Grand Admiral Palleon, Noghri, Yuuzhan Vong, and Jaina Solo figures (i.e. Jaina as apprentice, Jaina as Pilot, Jaina as Jedi Knight)?

    If Han, Luke, and Leia are your favorites, how many resculpts of them could you buy? Han wears a white shirt and either a blue jacket or a black vest, right? We can try soft-goods again... new carbonite block features... new trench coats - or after Chewie dies, Han wears all black - his shirt a dark charcoal, his pants black leather, his jacket dark black - or he requires an emergency environmental suit, which might be a bright neon yellow or orange. Leia wears one too and has to shave her head for a while, then adopts a short hairstyle as it grows back (due to lice and bio-contamination in the refugee camps). Would you buy an "Alien 3" Princess Leia? If not, how badly do you want 6 different versions of Bespin Leia, Slave Leia, ANH Leia, Ceremony Leia, etc. etc.? There would be nothing different about these figures, right? Meanwhile the new EU versions would have to be "aged" appropriately - such as Leia, 45 years old, versus 23 or younger, as all of the figures we have of her are.

    Now beyond that, figures without the recognizeable heroes are not going to sell. My Wal-Mart has a ton of Teemto Pegules, Lott Dodd, Tusken w. Massif, Taun We, etc. IF YOU NEVER HAD COLLECTED SW, WOULD YOU GO AND BUY YOURSELF OR YOUR KID "The Adventures of the Amazing Tuan We?" or "The Adventures of The Amazing Spider-Man?" Obviously choice 2 -but "The Adventures of Luke Skywalker" sound a lot more appealing right?

    Well then, in some version or another, that we ALREADY HAVE A FIGURE OF, we have to have Luke Skywalker annually released on the racks.


    1) re-release
    2) resculpt of figure we already have
    3) Expanded Universe, such as 45 year old Jedi Master, New Jedi Order
    4) change the size, super-detailed, super articulated, 7" Luke Tatooine all over again.

    I would first want the EU, because I love the comics and books, and having Star Wars "go on." Then Luke as a Jedi Master, Han in EV Suit, etc. could make it to the racks along with a chance to army build with the Yuuzhan Vong. I'd continue collecting and making dioramas as usual, so I voted "NO" for the size change.

    However, I think like JEDITRICKS said, that there's the potential they could make the most awesome Luke Tatooine ever, with all his accessories he'd ever need, great likeness to Mark Hamill, and so-on. I can't say that I wouldn't be tempted to get a few. But that's the same rationale that hooked me into getting the 12" line, and that's been sometimes very satisfying, but in all honesty, a very bumpy road (Plo Koon shortages. Yoda and the Ewoks MIA. Figures like the new Han Solo turning out awful, etc.)

    Plus I buy the Unleashed to get "expressive displays" of Star Wars' passion in action.

    So I don't know if I'd buy the new size at all, though I see it as a very logical way for Hasbro to go in order to stick to the traditional line, and still retain all their "general fan customers" who may not have read "The Final Prophesy," and recognize action figures based on that (as cool as a Tahiri Veila 3 3/4" figure would be!)

    But anyway, thinking ahead about these issues - that's what this poll is all about.
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    Personally, I have been turned off by the difficulty of finding new figures over the past two years. I like the Unleashed line also, and now you can find Han, Yoda & Boba everywhere, but I have never seen Mace, Obi-Wan, Sidious or Dooku anywhere in stores. I had pretty much a complete set of figures from 1995 until about last year. Now, with the constant resculpts and difficulty in finding figures, I find my interest in collecting waivering. I have even passed up on some figures that aren't easy to find just because it (collecting) has lost its luster somewhat. I used to love looking for new stuff, the thrill of the hunt if you will, but the lack of success has just kinda turned me off. Maybe it's just me.

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    If HASBRO is going to change the size -- DONT make the change till AFTER EPIII is complete. I do not think any of us would like to have 7" EPIII figures when EP 1-V are all 3 3/4 inch -- this would be a VERY AWKARD move on the part of HASBRO -- and I hope they do NOT do something that stupid!!!
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